Your store needs Flexi Combo and here are 3 reasons why

Increase your basket size by applying flexi combo promotions to drive up the quantity of orders

Promotions are an integral part of a successful marketing strategy and can enable an increase in sales and boost revenue for your eCommerce store. Lazada’s Flexi Combo promotions enable sellers to offer discounts and/or in combination with free gifts and samples in relationship to quantity purchases. The overall goal of applying Flexi Combo to your assortments is to increase the basket size of the seller and drive sales!

When promotions are targeted, personalized and data-driven, you can craft a promotions strategy that benefits both your business and your customers. Flexi Combo helps you create “Buy More Save More” promotions to drive up the quantity of orders that customers buy from your store. Sellers can set different tiers of discounts (e.g. Buy 2 items and get 5% off, Buy 3 items and get 10% off) or give free gifts or samples when the customer meets the purchasing criteria set by the seller.

There are 3 different types of promotions you can go for in Flexi-Combo:

1. Tiered Discount: The benefit of using the tiered discount is that you can offer tiered discount based upon quantity or value to incentivize buyers to purchase more products from your store. Here, you can provide a maximum of 3 tiered discounts, for example:

  • Tier 1: Buy 2 items get 5% discount
  • Tier 2: Buy 3 items get 7% discount
  • Tier 3: Buy 4 items get 10% discount

2. Free gift or sample: With this promotion, you will provide a free gift/sample to your customers when they buy a certain amount or specific items. With the free sample/free gift promotion, you will offer your customers a free gift/sample during the daily campaigns, instead of providing a high discount on the item price. One example is by offering a 20ml sample of a skincare product when the customer buys a 100ml product from your store. This can help to increase your conversion rate and benefits both you and your customer.

3. Stackable Discount: Stackable discounts offer the customer more value when they spent more, such as spending RM100 and getting a RM10 discount, spending RM200 and getting a RM20 discount and so on. Stackable discounts will entice customers to buy more from your store compared to non-stackable discounts.

All product categories, except for non-physical products such as digital goods or services, are eligible for Flexi Combo promotions, as long as the products are in guidance with the general product and listing policies. Your customers can view your promotions in important channels throughout their shopping journey, from the landing page, through the product pages as well as during the check-put process, with additional reminders along the way to further entice them.

Apply Flexi Combo to your assortments today and create an attractive promotion for your customers, which will increase your basket size as well as keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more!

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