6 must-dos to increase handbag sales

Having a sales strategy for your handbag business helps to draw attention and create an in-demand product for long-term profit.

Handbags are one of the most desired personal products for women worldwide. There are many different types of products on the market, from high-end, luxury purses to more casual handbags. Designer handbags can command hundreds or thousands of Ringgit in sales, although it’s not just designer products that command attention.

For many women, handbags are an expression of their style and personality, which is why having a variety of different designs can be beneficial to your store. Made from various materials including leather, nylon, canvas, straw or jute, handbags are used by everyone for various purposes in their day-to-day life.

With the market expanding through independent and leading designers, it can seem a bit nerve-wrecking to jump into an industry with so many established brands, but the diversity of this category does leave room for smaller brands and start-ups to excel in specific niches.

If you’re new to the industry, you’re probably thinking about having a strong marketing plan to help you to increase your handbag sales. Whether you are thinking of selling luxury purses, practical backpacks or even fun tote bags for everyday use, here are six strategies you can implement to help boost your handbag sales:

1. Branding and visibility

Find a good way to spread the word about your handbag business and achieve greater visibility. One way to do so is with advertising campaigns, however these can sometimes be costly. If you’re just starting out, consider utilizing social media to spread the word about your brand and product. In general, Facebook and Instagram are usually the most efficient means when it comes to showcasing fashion items. Publish photographs of your handbags alongside catchy captions and descriptions. If it’s at all possible, getting a celebrity or well-known fashion influencer to wear and endorse your bag can catapult your brand by leaps and bounds. Other ways to increase visibility of your brand, would be to participate in giveaways or fashion-related events, which will not only allow you to network but also draw attention to your bag in an organic way.

2. Optimize your product description

Potential customers depend on your product descriptions to get the information they need. Make sure that your product descriptions are comprehensive, accurate, and engaging, highlighting the features of each handbag. This helps your customers feel more confident when making a purchase. Handbags are a visual product, so be sure to also include high-quality images, videos, or if possible, 360-degree product views to help customers better understand your handbags in order to make informed purchasing decisions.

3. Consider reselling

If you don’t necessarily want to make or design your own bags, exploring wholesale opportunities and reselling bags can be one way to enter the market. With reselling, you can sell handbags such as totes, clutches, travel bags, bags for kids and more, from wholesalers or other manufacturers. By creating a wholesale partnership with an established brand that has already made a name for itself, you won’t need to publicize your products from scratch. You can start adding more products to your online store once you’ve found your customer base, to add variety and generate a profit without having to create more products yourself.

4. Be unique

Handbags have always been a trending product, sought after by fashionistas. Offer something new, edgy and bold, and you will stand out from the competition, such as handbags featuring innovative and modern features like removable flaps or even power units. Besides the uniqueness of your products, be sure to offer quality to guarantee customer satisfaction and the loyalty of your potential customers.

5. Offer promotions

Customers are always looking for offers, which is why promotions must be included within the business plan of your handbag company. Running sales and promotions, whether they are discounts, special offers, free shipping or loyalty programs, can attract customers to your store, increase sales and improve your positioning. You can also offer discounts to first-time customers, people who subscribe to your email list or perhaps a free gift with each purchase of a handbag.

6. Offer variety

Consider expanding your handbag product line to include more variety. Because handbags are such a personal item and a reflection of the customers’ taste and style, having a bigger variety in terms of materials, sizes and design options will give your customers more to choose from. Having a larger variety can also help to attract new customers interested in different types of handbags. 

It’s never too late to start implementing these marketing strategies for your handbag store. Continuously improving on your product offerings and providing your customers with a unique shopping experience will help you to improve the visibility and appeal of your handbags and increase sales for your store!

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