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Lazada Certified Trainers

Lazada Certified Trainers is the title given to our certified trainers who are also existing sellers on the platform. We believe that who better to give advice and education to another seller than someone who shares the same platform with them. If you are interested to be part of the team, join us!

The program comes with numerous benefits as well as giving back to the sellers in the form of training and answering their burning questions. Amongst the few list of contributions on the platform:

1. Masterclass: The biggest gathering of new and experienced sellers across the platform coming together for one after to learn and grow together with us.

2. LPSP / LPSP Power Class: The Lazada Preferred Seller Program and Power Class aims to aid sellers to take the next step to reach even higher heights at the level that they are currently at. There will be tips and tricks not only from our LCT’s but also our internal Lazada people to help you along this journey.

3. LU Livestream: Averaging 7 streams every week, the Lazada Certified Trainers are here to guide and educate you in real time and addressing any and every question that you are currently facing, covering topics that benefits not only new sellers but also existing experienced sellers

Lazada Seller Ambassadors

Seller Ambassador (LazSA) is a title given to existing sellers to be the voice of Lazada sellers. LazSAs are selected key sellers representing respective states who will act as a bridge between Lazada and other local sellers.

The existence of LazSAs is intended to make sellers feel that selling on Lazada is more than just a chore. It’s a seller community they can spend time engaging with through gatherings such as offline/online study groups, potlucks and many more. The LazSAs consist of passionate and committed individuals who aim to ensure a bigger and better community for all sellers especially those in their own states. If you would like to join us as an ambassador, click here.

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