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Sellerbration Awards is an annual award ceremony to honour
the achievements of top-performing sellers as well as acknowledge
their active participation in seller-centric education
and community initiatives on Lazada.


These superstars rose to the top by setting their own records! The top three sellers were selected for the highest Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) recorded from January to December 2022.

Top Order

These sellers moved mountains (of parcels) to get where they are today. The winners were selected for recording the highest number of orders from January to December 2022.

Rising Star

These sellers are the shining stars of their category! Winners were selected based on their rapid growth in terms of GMV and number of orders from January to December 2022.

Community Rockstar

Winners were selected for being actual rockstars in the Lazada seller community! These helpful sellers not only uplift the community by handing a helping hand when in need but also inspire others through their personal sharing.

Academic Rockstar

Winners from this category were selected for being diligent students! They attended more than ten Lazada University livestreams in last 3 months and have the most uplift % in their GMV!

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