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3 Tips on effective product description

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One of the main tasks of having an e-commerce business is to create product descriptions. While that might seem like an easy thing to do, you might be surprised at how much work needs to go into ensuring they help your sales. Being able to write clear, compelling product descriptions is a huge part of running a successful online store.

“The intoxicating blend of fragrant coconut rice, paired with tangy sweet spicy sambal, crispier anchovies and crunchy peanuts partnered with cooling sliced cucumbers and a beautifully shiny boiled egg

– This sentence was used to describe a ‘nasi lemak’ packet by an online seller. Did you finish reading the sentence? Was it helpful in describing the product? This is an example of an instance where the ‘less is more’ approach is probably more beneficial at delivering your message across. 

Between these two pictures, which do you think better represents what ‘nasi lemak’ is?

Here are 3 Tips on Effective Product Description to make sure you get your message across, using Lazada Masterclass as examples in each point:

1. Answer Queries / Questions

Whatever you may be selling, whether it is an idea, a service or even an expertise, it is crucial that your description is precise and straight to the point. Ensure that your customer understands what you are selling with the first five seconds of reading your description!


Question: What is a Lazada Masterclass is?

Answer: It is “A 2-Day training forum (Duration) where industrial experts gather to share and educate (Objective) other sellers, to guide them to the path of success and business growth (Goal). “

This explanation might be a little lengthy, but its main goal is to ensure that the delivery of your selling point goes across. For more information on How To Attract Customers with Long Impactful Description, click here.

2. Value for Money

Customers will always want to feel like they are getting their money’s worth. Thus, with every purchase, sellers have to uphold the quality of their products or even services.

RM11 vs RM3. Why are you paying extra for the same amount of coffee? Experience. Ambiance. Service. Quality.


How do we ensure Lazada Masterclass is considered a premium event worth paying for?

The speakers invited to speak and share their experiences are also sellers, just like the audience who are building their businesses from the ground up. They went through the same challenges and are able to give relevant advise based on their experiences. Lazada also brings in top trainers in the industry to share tips and tricks that they have learnt across years – these are experiences and real stories that money cannot buy.

3. Straight to The Point

Every product being sold right now has its own purpose and a multitude of benefits. These benefits might be part of your main selling point, but there can be a danger of “oversharing” when trying to come up with a product description.

Every missing point is a missed opportunity.


“Lazada is hosting a 2-Day Training Event, bringing together speakers and market leaders from all categories to share with you their experience and insights on how to grow your brand.”
Is your business facing new challenges in 2022, or looking for different strategies to update the roadmap? Join us to explore the topics & case studies dedicated to local entrepreneurs and to also help equip yourselves with the Lazada Epic 10th Birthday Sale!

Here, your selling point is your driving sales force. Address what your product does or what you’re trying to sell, and how it benefits or aid the consumer, rather than letting them piece the puzzle together through their own interpretation.

In every line of sale, your first impression matters. Most people who walks into a physical store or views your online store are already doing so with the intention to purchase something. What matters next is how quickly you get to your point, with well thought out and concise product descriptions, giving your customers what they want, and ultimately closing your sale.

Once you’ve gotten your main pointers laid out, it’s time to put that into play with your store. 

Click here to learn more on how do you Manage & Build Your Store to ensure customers understand what you are trying to convey.

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Sell With Lazada answers all your e-commerce how’s, go-to, do’s and don’ts. If you’d like to find out more on how to be an effective seller, follow us on the link below.