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Here’s how a start-up nurtures imported leaves for healthier homes!

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It is known that we live in a world that gets more dangerous by the day, especially now with the infusion of unknown chemicals that can be found in many products out there. Luckily for Malaysians, John Leong, the founder and general manager of Eucapro Naturals, had a mission to make everyday health and cleaning products in Malaysia safer and affordable without compromising the environment.

John met with the inspiration to create his own eucalyptus-based products in 2017 after realizing that there were many products consisting of this natural ingredient that were sold widely across pharmacies and grocery stores back in Australia where he studied. Whereas in Malaysia, he noticed that Malaysians were still sleeping on this natural ingredient that could offer multitudes of benefits to everyday lives. That was when Eucapro started.

However, it was not all rainbows and butterflies at the beginning as the market for natural-based products was still pretty niche. This especially took a downward turn during the pandemic when John and his team ran out of ideas on how to make their product range more readily available for mass Malaysians throughout the country. That’s when John found Lazada.

Although John had limited knowledge on eCommerce platforms, it didn’t stop Eucapro. He and his team took advantage of the learning modules and seminars found at Lazada University to sharpen his understanding of eCommerce and how to sell on Lazada. Leveraging on Sponsored Discovery Tools and the Customer Engagement Management (CEM) tools, the platform has provided Eucapro with the exposure the brand very much needed to customers in Malaysia.

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Today, Eucapro is among one of the largest companies to carry mainly Eucalyptus-based products in Malaysia and their products are distributed in high-end grocery stores, pharmacies, and local retail stores and are exported across South East Asia including Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, and Brunei.

This distilled oil derived from eucalyptus trees has many benefits that include antibacterial and antiviral properties, consisting of medicinal values that are suitable to relieve any discomfort, especially stomach aches.

But what sets Eucapro apart from its competitor is that their eucalyptus leaves are imported directly from Australia and each leaf have gone through multiple testing and it is proven to be effective against harmful bacteria such as the coronavirus, hand-foot-mouth disease, and H1N1.

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In a world where digital landscapes can be challenging, Eucapro’s amazing journey reminds us that success in the digital world is achievable, even in the face of adversity. With determination, the right platform, and a commitment to the greater good, everyone can conquer the online world.

Natural cleaning products are more in demand now than ever before. If you are interested to build a healthier home, here is where you can get Eucapro natural products.

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