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What is CEM and how does it benefit you?

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Being a top Lazada seller gives you many advantages, not just in terms of sales but also in becoming eligible for tools that can further improve your seller rating. Lazada’s Customer Engagement (CEM) tool is one such conversion-boosting tool that allow sellers to proactively engage with a group of customers. Sellers can use CEM to send messages directly to customers who have interactions with their store, whether they are followers, have purchased before or have only added items to their cart.

When you can’t meet your customers face to face, tools like CEM are incredibly beneficial to an online store. Some of the benefits of using CEM include having direct communication with your customers, increased exposure and visibility of your products to potential customer groups, as well as the ability to quickly gain the attention of new and potential customers with promotional items, mechanics and new arrivals!

With CEM, sellers can interact with each customer using different scenarios, for example by providing product recommendations, vouchers, as well as request for ratings and reviews from recent sales. It helps you to give your customer that one last push to make a purchase.

However, there are a few guidelines for CEM to be effective for your store. These include:

Having a sizable customer base – Like all engagement and marketing channels, in order for CEM to effective (in driving traffic to store or to convert an order), the customer group size needs to be large enough.

Engaging content – This ensures that your shoppers are motivated/ driven to take action after reading the CEM message. One way to do so is by including attractive offers, using high-quality images or vouchers! You can also capture the attention of your customers by adding keywords like ‘Flash sale’, ‘free gift’, or ‘extended warranty’ at the beginning of the message to keep them interested.

Sending CEM messages at the right time – Be sure to check when you are sending the CEM message! Try to send it at times when most users would be on their phone.

Use CEM Campaign Booster to automate and improve CEM performance!

Lazada’s CEM Campaign Booster helps sellers to create awareness and hype up deals and promotions during the teasing period before the Campaign. To make your job easier, CEM Campaign Booster is also fully automated so sellers can focus on store operations during the campaign. It optimizes the message send time and customer group, as well as provide ready-made message templates, which can and should be customized where necessary to suit your brand and product.

Sellers who are eligible for CEM and have at least 5 approved Campaign products will be able to access the CEM Campaign Tab and take advantage of this useful tool. Here’s how to join:

  1. Click on Campaign Booster “Set Up Now” to start setting up your CEM Campaign Booster.
  2. Your CEM Campaign Booster will schedule messages for both Teasing and Campaign Period.
  3. Check the Message Template and adjust if necessary – Adjust vouchers/Recommended Products. (Tip: Improve Click Rate (CTR) by including a Call-to-Action (CTA) in messages like store links, promotion links, vouchers, product recommendations which all constitutes as clicks!)
  4. Once you are all set, toggle the icon to be “Active” and you are good to go!
  5. Messages will automatically be sent at the scheduled timing.

With CEM Campaign booster, you’ll be able to see the total number of customers that’s received CEM messages from your store on your dashboard. You’ll also see the total number of customers that have read as well as clicked on those CEM messages. Most importantly, you’ll know the total number of customers who’ve both read AND made a purchase from your store, giving you irrefutable data on the effectiveness of the tool for your store.

Lazada’s CEM tool will help you to retain and bring in more additional traffic to your store, proactively reach out to customers and followers, increase conversions as well as boost your store branding.

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