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They desire to sell online and won’t stop – now they’re winning!

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alt=Protools hardware and Astep roasted coffee beans

In the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce, the pursuit of the latest trends highlights one fundamental truth: the core of online business thrives on understanding consumer needs. Yet, while businesses diligently cater to these needs, many find themselves replicating one another. Amidst this sea of similarity, there’s an opportunity to stand out amongst the others – awaiting to be discovered by those who dare to take that chance to find their niche.

The Brewing Success of Astep’s Coffee Beans

alt=roasted coffee beans

Being a brick-and-mortar coffee shop owner, Alson Ong did not dare to take that chance at first – thinking that the coffee industry is strictly a community-based industry, where consumers prefer to buy from shops that are in their own neighborhood. That was until Bjorn Gan, then only a customer of Alson’s Roastery in JB, had the idea to venture into online business together with Alson.

That was how Astep was founded. Astep is an online store that has gained immense popularity amongst coffee lovers with their exceptional range of hand-roasted coffee beans.

Astep beans are imported from over 20 countries, Indonesian, China, South Africa, Sabah and many more. Being the only roastery that roasts its coffee bean every single day for online business, it is no wonder why many have fallen in love with the brand.

alt=coffee-dripping process

Alson’s love for coffee started back in 2017 with his dad when his love for modern coffee techniques was met with his dad’s love for traditional drip coffee. This father-son duo’s deep passion in coffee had paved the way to shock others with their tasty “made-with-love” coffee. One of the few that was mesmerized was Bjorn Gan. After tasting Alson’s coffee, Bjorn needed the whole of Malaysia to know how good this coffee is, and he needed Malaysia to have a taste of Astep fast!

Astep started their operations selling on Lazada during the pandemic, a feat not many will take. Their participation in Lazada campaigns like 11.11 mega campaign had truly helped them boost their sales. They leveraged on seller tools such as LazBonus, Flexi Combo, and Free Shipping Max to give their customers the best deals as an incentive to their wide customer base all over Malaysia. To attract more new customers, they also offer free gifts, such as trial packets.

Today, they have a team of 6 staff to fulfill customers’ orders, roasting up to 1 ton of coffee beans a month with a café, a roasting factory and a coffee farm under their name! Not only that, Lazada has also named Bjorn Gan as one of our Lazada Certified Trainer for other sellers to follow on his step-by-step guide in becoming a successful Lazada seller!

The Pros with Their Tools Reshaping The Hardware Industry

alt=hardware store workers working

Meanwhile, when many go to brick-and-mortar stores to purchase hardware products, Mr. Ong, the founder of Protools One Step Solution had a different idea in mind. Having spent 7 years in an electrical company, Bosch, the hardware industry was not foreign to Mr. Ong. He knew of the hardware market that is often disorganized, and he wanted to change that.

Mr. Ong had envisioned a hardware store that could cater to everyone all over Malaysia, not only with quality tools for buyers but also with a proper display and a conducive environment such as good after-sales service and trainings for other brands to sell in his store.

When he first started his online business on Lazada, many had questioned the viability of selling online, including his own parents! Like Alson, Mr. Ong’s parents had thought that the hardware industry was strictly a community-based industry. Some of his competitors and industry peers had even laughed at Mr. Ong for his vision to start selling hardware tools online!

alt=hardware store workers working

But he saw the gap in the market and he believed in the potential of online retail. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Ong’s online business experienced significant growth – with Lazada serving as a driving force behind those sales.

Protools One Step Solution’s journey began to flourish in 2021 with the help of 11.11 mega campaign and seller tools such as vouchers and flash sales. Vouchers proved to be very helpful in driving sales, and flash sales are Mr. Ong’s go-to seller tools for stock clearance. Plus, with the help of Lazada’s Masterclass, Protools One Step Solution’s staff were groomed to become more innovative with the way they sell online.

Today, Protools One Step Solution could reach up to 400-500K in sales monthly, with 80% coming from Lazada. In a year, their overall sales reached a staggering RM1 million across all platforms. Soon, they will be setting up their brick-and-mortar stores in other states!

It’s true – following your dreams can be daunting, often overlooked as a mere hobby that may not lead to substantial sales. But what if we’ve been underestimating the potential of this dream?  The path to success was not devoid of obstacles and naysayers. Both these businesses faced skepticism, even from those closest to them. But their determination and belief in online retail, matched with the power of Lazada as a supportive partner, have transformed their journey into remarkable stories.

It’s time to believe and turn your passion into profit with Lazada!

Want to stand out just like Astep Coffee and Protools? There are so many ways we can help you. Head on to Sell With Lazada to kickstart your e-commerce business. You will gain insights from experts and experience workshops that will guide you along your seller journey.

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