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5 easy steps to sign up for Lazada Free Shipping and Free Shipping Max

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Lazada’s Free Shipping tools offer shoppers with a shipping fee benefit when the buyer’s order reaches a minimum value; giving shoppers a better shopping experience and sellers more visibility, higher conversions and increased basket sizes. Lazada’s Free Shipping promotion tools essentially enables sellers to create promotions in which it absorbs the shipping costs (partially or fully) to create an attractive promotion for their customers and keep them coming back!

There are three modules to this program which are 11.11 Campaign Free Shipping Submission, Seller Own Free Shipping as well as Free Shipping MAX.

11.11 Campaign Free Shipping Submission:

Take advantage of one of the biggest shopping days, which is right at our doorstop. Join the 11.11 Campaign Free Shipping with these simple steps to gain more traffic and increase conversions during the one-day campaign on 11 November 2022. With this campaign, your shoppers simply need to buy three items from your store in order to qualify for free shipping.

This is how you can join the 11.11 Campaign Free Shipping:

  1. Go to Seller Center > Marketing Center
  2. Click on “Campaigns” > 11.11 Mega Campaign
  3. Click on “Unregistered Campaign”
  4. Click on “Free Shipping”
  5. Join the campaign that is suitable for your store

Seller Own Free Shipping:

Seller Own Free Shipping is created by the Seller from Seller Center. Here, the cost is covered by the Seller. With this program, Sellers have the flexibility to set their own criteria, budget and determine their own promotion period, as it is not tied to the 11.11 Campaign. However, exposure will be limited as 11.11 Campaign Free Shipping will be given priority.

You can join Seller Own Free Shipping in three simple steps:

  1. Go to Seller Center > Promotions
  2. Click on “Free Shipping”
  3. Click on “Create Now” to set up your own promo

Free Shipping Max:

Free Shipping Max is an easy-to-use free shipping program for sellers to provide customers with Platform Free Shipping [which buyers collect onsite] at the Sellers’ store. It is a subscription-based model.

Sellers that subscribe must commit to a minimum of 15 days, and interested Sellers can sign up at any time before 30 December 2022. Sellers should join Free Shipping Max to take advantage of the increased traffic via Free Shipping and sales incubation leading up to 11.11 Mega Campaign.

 You can join Free Shipping Max by:

  1. Clicking on Lazada Promotions to join OR
  2. Clicking “JOIN NOW” when pop up appears, or alternatively via link >
  3. For full info on the promotion, click here.

You can check the performance details of your promotions in the Business Advisor – Promotion Tab on your seller center account. Utilizing the Free Shipping promotions will benefit your overall business by encouraging more buyers to add to cart and ultimately purchase your products!

Interested to be your own boss? Sign up as a Lazada seller today.

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Sell With Lazada answers all your e-commerce how’s, go-to, do’s and don’ts. If you’d like to find out more on how to be an effective seller, follow us on the link below.