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Because of This Lazada Feature, This Charcoal Store Manage to Earn A Lot of Profit!

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alt text=Variety usage of charcoals

Every time you fire up the barbecue grill whenever you’re out to lepak with your friends or family, have you ever wondered, “Where does charcoal come from?” We all know charcoal as a source of heating, but how exactly are they made? Before the invention of electric stoves, people were generally using organic materials like charcoal as a means of producing fire. Now, the appeal for charcoal still maintained at an all-time high. How is that?

But first, to answer our question, let’s dive into how charcoal is made. The process of making charcoal starts with heating any wood in an oxygen-starved environment that is over 400 degrees Celcius.

For My Charcoal Factory, each production takes about a month which starts with baking mangrove woods in a kiln for over 3 weeks. After that, the woods that are harvested from Matang Mangrove Reserved Forest will be left to cool for more than a week before becoming the end product that they sell.

My Charcoal Factory has been manufacturing charcoal for over 80 years. KY Chuah, the Executive Director of Khay Hor Holdings Sdn Bhd feels that it’s important to retain the traditional manufacturing process of charcoal, the way that his grandfather had done it back when he started the business in 1904.

KY Chuah is the third generation to take responsibility of this family business, succeeding his father and grandfather before him.

But, this family business met with a problem during the pandemic. They had to find better ways to market to their audience, especially when he knew that in the world of online eCommerce, big item packages are less sought after due to the shipping fees.

After taking advantage of Lazada’s Free Shipping, he saw an immediate increase in his sales! He knows that if he makes logistics cheaper and easier for customers, it can motivate more customers to buy his products.

Also, he didn’t miss the opportunity to utilize Sponsored Discovery tool which also helped his business reach a wider market.

My Charcoal Factory staff packing charcoals into a bag

What makes customers attracted to My Charcoal Factory is not only just because of Lazada tools. Their specialty lies in the mangrove wood that they use. Mangrove is a type of hardwood, which are better than softwood in terms of the charcoal manufacturing process due to the longevity of the burn. Charcoal that is made of hardwood also tend to last longer and can produce higher temperature or heat.

There’s a certain standard in choosing the tree that they harvest. Every year, My Charcoal Factory only harvests a part of the forest – where the age of the tree is an important requirement. Only trees that are 30 years old or older are to be harvested. This sustainable approach to harvesting is also one of the attractions that make customers more motivated to “Add to Cart” whenever they see their products!

mangrove trees at kuala sepetang

Also, did you know that back in 1904, MY Charcoal Factor started its operations when KY Chuah’s grandfather received a business proposition from a Britishman to pioneer the mangrove wood industry.

With only RM300 that his family had been saving in a Milo tin can, KY Chuah’s grandfather started the journey that has led MY Charcoal Factory to where they are today. 

Today, MY Charcoal Factory is known as a tourist attraction where visitors have an opportunity to visit the mangrove forest before joining a 10-minute tour of the charcoal manufacturing process.

Apart from producing charcoal, now, their product assortment ranges from mangrove wood vinegar, charcoal soap, mangrove vinegar hair shampoo to mangrove vinegar dish wash and more!

If you have an online business and want to stand out like KY Chuah, Lazada is here to help! Head on to Sell With Lazada to kickstart your eCommerce business.

There, you will gain insights from experts and attend workshops that will guide you in your seller journey.

a boat bringing in harvested mangrove plants to make charcoal
Owner of My Charcoal Factory walking through his charcoal making factory

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