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Promotional campaigns are important for sellers

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A marketing or promotional campaign is a valuable tool to introduce and promote a product or an aspect of a product to the public and to attract potential consumers. Promotional campaigns can improve and increase brand awareness, as well as contribute to generating consumer interest in a business.

One of the most common methods of promotional campaigns is through the use of social media, email marketing, TV, radio, digital marketing, and so on. Campaigns can be humorous or entertaining, provocative or informative. But what they have in common is that all great promotional campaigns will generate further business and take your brand to success.

Benefits of promotional campaigns

Promotions are an integral part of a successful marketing strategy and can enable an increase in sales and boost revenue for your business. When promotions are targeted, personalized and data-driven, you can craft a promotions strategy that benefits both your business and your customers. Consistent marketing campaigns that communicate a clear message have a chance to succeed and bring great results. Some of the benefits of effective campaigns include:

Sell more products or services.

The number one goal of promotional marketing is to of course increase your revenue by selling more products. Campaigns do that by increasing your brand and product awareness, as it creates compelling messages, content and images that brings your brand and products to the forefront. Use promotional campaigns to introduce newly launched products or services or highlight your competitive advantage such as enhancements or new features that have been added to existing products or services.

Attract new customers

Promotional campaigns allow companies to cast a wider net and introduce the brand to more people. It also enhances your chances of converting one-time customers into loyal customers. Promotions may also compare and contrast with other leading brands, in hopes of stealing their customers. A campaign can also lead to a leap in world-of-mouth promotion. By spreading the word to the right audience, you can encourage valuable customer referrals and bring in new business.

Reposition a brand

Your business reputation is very important. Effective campaigns can help you focus on the competitive advantages of your products and give it a new identity or perhaps a revival if needed. Promotional marketing campaigns can help you to showcase the distinctive added value to customers, how suitable your products are for their budgets as well as any after-sales support and solutions. It can shift how audiences formerly thought of a brand, giving it a new purpose in the marketplace, and bringing a new audience.

Increases customer trust and loyalty

Customers who see your consistent promotional messages across multiple platforms are more loyal and view you as forward thinking. A campaign that involves brand representatives interacting directly and warmly with customers, through channels such as social media for example, can also greatly boost confidence and trust in a company. Any honest and responsive exchange can engender trust. Regularly participating in promotional campaigns may also lead to existing customers regularly purchasing products and remaining loyal to the brand.

Making your brand visible

The primary purpose of doing a marketing campaign is to introduce a brand or product to the broader community and imprint on people’s minds. By increasing the sheer sight of logos, taglines, products and company names, the promotion can have a psychological impact on consumers. If potential customers continue seeing your brand’s promotional messages, they may become more aware of your business and begin to think of you when shopping, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Educating your customers

Today’s consumers often thoroughly research every product and service they want to buy. Promotional campaigns can also be used to educate your customers about the uses of available products or services your business offers, and how they can use what you’re offering to solve related problems.

Take part in a promotional campaign with Lazada today!

It’s easy to incorporate promotional campaigns into your marketing efforts when you’re a seller with Lazada. Lazada Marketing campaigns are special sales events held by Lazada, generating massive traffic to the Lazada website during these events. Lazada’s on-site resources such as home page banners and campaign management tools, as well as brand exposure on Lazada’s social media are some of the tools that also helps deliver results for sellers.

You can join the Lazada marketing campaign by following these easy steps:

  • Go to the seller center homepage
  • Click on promotions
  • Click on campaign management
  • Select the campaign and click join

By joining Lazada’s marketing campaigns, you get several potential benefits including :

  • Campaign daily net order of 7x the average daily net orders
  • Up tp 5.5x the average daily sales
  • Campaign visits are 5x the average daily visits
  • High revenues during campaign periods

Mega Campaigns such as Lazada’s Birthday Sales, 11.11 or 12.12 sales have seen active consumer participation over the years. Lazada’s shopping festivals such as the 9.9 Big Brands Sale Campaign also saw an increasing number of participating brands on LazMall reporting a spike in sales figures.

A lot of hype is built before the campaign day itself, with Lazada promoting the events and driving traffic to participating brands’ storefronts one week before the campaign, an important element that helps participating businesses. Strong social media marketing also helps to boost sales.

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Sell With Lazada answers all your e-commerce how’s, go-to, do’s and don’ts. If you’d like to find out more on how to be an effective seller, follow us on the link below.