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“At the age of 12, I started my entrepreneur journey,” – KOMIC

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alt=founder of KOMIC Malaysia on screen during his interview

KOMIC envisions bringing people’s dreams to life. All the little things that exist to make your life a little more wonderful; the ordinary items that spark happiness and turn your dreams into a magical reality – from the mug we sip our coffee from, the bag we carry our belongings in, the shoes we walk in, to the pyjamas we sleep in and the blankets that keep us warm.

With their first local authorized brand – GeMeiLia in 2009, KOMIC has sold about a hundred different products, their business mainly is by approaching customers door to door. In 2010, KOMIC realized that one single brand is not enough to meet the market’s different preferences. From there, KOMIC expanded its horizons and secured its first international brand distributor, Disney – an all-time favourite. This strategic decision has since resulted in a remarkable upswing in their sales.

While business is growing, there are limitations in one’s capabilities. In 2011, KOMIC’s biggest challenge was to maximize performance with limited resources. To address this issue, KOMIC seized the opportunity presented by technological advancements and initiated an online marketing business model that offered unprecedented flexibility, enabling them to operate anytime, anywhere. Every year, KOMIC collaborates with e-commerce platforms to organize diverse promotional campaigns, offering consumers enchanting-magical experiences.

alt=KOMIC logo on it's pop-up store in Penang

During Lazada’s initial year, KOMIC embarked on its online journey by becoming a part of the platform. As luck would have it, KOMIC was among the early participants and proudly held the 88th store number on Lazada! For the following 3 years, KOMIC has been committed to develop its online business, such as collaborating with Lazada and focusing on its online presence. From there, KOMIC is honoured to be awarded as one of the Lazada Seller Ambassadors. Side note, KOMIC also helped small merchants to establish their e-commerce business in Lazada.

Starting in 2018-2019, the expansion of KOMIC’s exhibitions allowed consumers to experience the magic of Disney for free without needing to travel to international parks. These interactive exhibitions were a smart strategy allowing KOMIC to have a better understanding towards consumers preference. With a huge consumers database that KOMIC has collected, thematic pop-up stores are launched according to the market’s popularity. 

alt=a tall mickey figurine in KOMIC's store at Penang

KOMIC has organized over 20 pop-up stores in Penang, spanning across several years. In 2020, they expanded their pop-up stores to Johor Bahru, and their event earned the distinction of being recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records for creating the “Tallest Macaron Replica Tower.”

Unfortunately, the pandemic had disrupted several offline activities. Nevertheless, KOMIC’s innovative online-to-offline business model, which combines online and offline strategies, allowed them to offer customers a flexible and convenient shopping experience. Consequently, the decline in offline sales was offset by a surge in online sales, which was sustained by platforms like Lazada. Customers could continue shopping 24/7 through online platforms, and this new business model enabled KOMIC to thrive during the pandemic.

alt=a photo of two KOMIC's co-founder

KOMIC’s fundamental vision is to transform dreams into realities, catering to the inner child that resides within each individual’s heart with a diverse selection of products that cater to a wide range of needs and desires. This includes offering everyday essentials as well as a curated collection of coveted collectible items.

Dreaming never stops, but you can make your dreams a reality when you visit KOMIC’s store.

alt=Disney figurines in store

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