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TATO Shop – Fashion Case Study 1

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There is a big difference between merely setting up an online store and setting up a successful online store. Almost anyone can do the former, but it takes a certain level of drive and commitment for your business to achieve success. Every business venture comes with its own set of challenges, however there are many who have ventured and succeeded. Whether it is through compelling site content, competitive products or superb customer service, TATO Shop is one such business that you can use as inspiration so you, too, can enjoy the same success.

TATO SHOP was established in late 2018, out of the owner’s curiosity and a passion to explore the eCommerce business. The brand started off by selling sports leggings as a first product before venturing into Muslim wear, which is an ever growing category in eCommerce.

With Lazada University’s support and guidance, TATO Shop has been able to grow its business month on month since its founding. Today, the brand boasts over 14000 followers on Lazada. With its 96% positive seller rating and 100 % chat response rate, it is no wonder that TATO Shop is seeing a growing number of customers who are interested in its variety of Muslim wear products. 

TATO Shop has 2300 SKUS that focus on occasion as well as Muslim formalwear, among some of the brand’s range of products include Baju Kurung, Jubah, Kurta, Baju Kurung Kedah, Baju Kurung Modern, etc. What makes it more appealing to consumers is that they are attractively priced at below RM100, which makes the clothing accessible to all.

TATO Shop’s iconic product is the Baju Kurung Lace, which is available in 13 different color variations, and also provided in sizes which starts from XS to 3XL. This makes the product incredibly popular for women of all shapes and sizes, and also appeals to their different color and style preferences.

TATO Shop also owes its success through participating in Lazada’s Mega campaigns, which are special events aimed to offer customers only the best and quality deals. During these mega campaigns, the business saw an increase in sales over 30% in D9, which rose up to 70% in D11. By participating in campaigns such as Lazada Flash Sales, TATO Shop also managed to sell 500 pieces of its Anak Tudung just within a day.

Today, the brand focuses on Muslim wear for men, women and children. It recognizes the value of focusing on content and feed posting on its online store with short videos. TATO shop also participates in Live streams to drive further customer engagement. According to the brand, posting videos have enabled them to attract the buyer’s attention for longer and drive higher engagement, with an impression reach of 1k and a Click-Through-Rate of 5%. 

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