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How to maximise your profits on Lazada

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With new brands being constantly launched, competition in the e-commerce business is certainly stiff! Fortunately, one of the great things about having an online store is that there’s always something you can do better.

Whether you’re new to selling on Lazada or a long-time seller looking to boost your profits, these pointers may give a lift to your bottom line.

Choose and Sell The Right Product

The products you sell are fundamental to everything you do. Coming up with product ideas can be tricky, but one way to choose a product is to look for a niche or a way to address a need. If you have a particular hobby or a passion for a particular industry, that’s also a great way to start. Once you’ve identify a product that aligns with your brand or business, the next step is to figure out how to upload the product on your online store. You can choose to upload your products through either singular upload or mass upload according to the number of products you have. Click here to learn about Product upload with Lazada.

Make Your Listing Looks Professional

When a potential customer is browsing through your products, they may have a few questions. Product descriptions enhance the customer experience by making your store look professional, provide customers with clarity, and ultimately help you sell your products. Make sure you have all the product content ready when uploading your list. We recommend using a minimum of three main product images for each listing, accompanied by a product description of at least 50 words, and at least 1 image of the product description.

Lazada’s Lorikeet Design is a customised decoration tool that can help you create and beautify your product descriptions. It also provides customers with more detailed information on your product. Learn how to use Lorikeet here.

Enhance Customer Experience

There are many features and tools you can utilize on the Lazada platform to attract customers to your store. All of these tools are designed to help you to achieve the best conversion rate. For example, the Store Builder template on Lazada enables you to design and customise the layout of your store according to your branding and your personal preference. By providing a better customer experience with Store Builder, the possibilities of increased visitors, returning customers, and improved customer loyalty are all significantly better, which leads to increased conversion and sales.

Maintain A High Seller Rating

If a significant number of buyers give you poor ratings, or the rate of your returned items is high because your products are “not as described,” you could get hit with unsatisfied customer experience and consequently lower store traffic. When your positive selling rating is <70%, your store will also no longer be eligible to join Lazada’s campaigns, i.e. Lazada Preferred Seller Program, Flash Sales, Mega Campaigns and more.

A high seller rating and seller review is one of the factors customers tend to refer to when purchasing an item. Customers are more likely to rate sellers based on product quality, Ship-On-Time (SOT), cancellation of orders, chat response rate and content score. As a bonus, being a high-rated or Lazada’s Preferred Seller will also make your listings more appealing to customers, improve customer loyalty and help you make more sales. Here are a few tips on how to keep your ratings high.

Join Mega Campaigns

Lazada holds various promotional campaigns throughout the year, such as during holiday periods, or mid-year or year-end campaigns. These campaigns are featured prominently on Lazada’s website and the Lazada App. You can nominate your products to be a part of these campaigns, which present great opportunities to boost exposure and sales for your store!

To join an upcoming campaign, log in to your Seller Center > Marketing Center > Campaign and choose a campaign you’d like to participate.

Some benefits of joining a campaign on Lazada includes:

  • Increased Store Traffic – Higher visibility on Lazada’s homepage will help drive traffic to your store
  • Uplift in Store Sales – Increased product and store traffic can help boost your store sales
  • Acquire New Customers – Maintain good product and store ratings to attract and acquire new customers to your store
  • Build Customer Loyalty – Build customers’ confidence and loyalty by providing excellent customer service
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Sell With Lazada answers all your e-commerce how’s, go-to, do’s and don’ts. If you’d like to find out more on how to be an effective seller, follow us on the link below.