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Inner Peace Comes from Outer Piece – Siti Khadijah

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Siti Khadijah is known by many for its prayerwear, or ‘telekung’ in Malay language, made of comfortable fabric that leaves a lasting impression on many. We believe that every woman deserves a comfortable prayer outfit that fits well, and is of good quality. We also wanted to offer our pieces at a fair price, and have created our prayerwear using feedbacks from customers.

Today, Siti Khadijah has more than 40 boutiques nationwide as well as in Indonesia, with an extensive range of prayerwear essentials. Our team of about 10 people has grown to more than 400 employees since we started in 2009. Since we started Siti Khadijah, we have been researching and developing new materials and innovations to overcome problems Muslims in Malaysia face with their attire for prayer. 

The name Siti Khadijah was inspired by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.’s wife, Saidatina Siti Khadijah. She was very well known as a successful business woman, which we thought was very suitable and in line with our brand, which was founded by my mother, Puan Fadzilah Enda Sulaiman.

I am endlessly grateful to my mother for everything, as she is the one who has helped me become who I am now, and the reason that I am able to live this life now. She’s given me everything, and I still get very emotional when I talk about all she’s done for me and the family. My mother contributes a lot to the family. She was a housewife before she started the business, and she and my dad has provided the best they can to make sure we lived a comfortable life. She is truly the reason for everything that I am today and I have to thank her for it all.

Our tagline ‘Nak, mak teringin’ is a very famous and memorable tagline, to the extent that people even use it as a meme today! We want people to buy our products because of what our brand represents, and to achieve that, we felt that the brand must come with a story with real emotions behind it. ‘Nak, mak teringin’ was that story for us, which also represents the essence of our brand.

As our physical stores and customer base started growing, we decided it was time to strengthen our eCommerce platform. In 2015 we created our own website and in 2017 we found Lazada, which has helped us a lot in growing our eCommerce business until today.

During the start of the MCO and Covid-19, we couldn’t operate, and all our 40 outlets had to close. Ecommerce was the one thing that kept Siti Khadijah alive at the time. During Lazada’s Birthday Campaign, which was also during MCO, we produced a product that was exclusive only to Lazada. It led to a sale of 1,000 pieces of prayerwear in only two days. That was definitely one of our best moments we’ve had since we teamed up with Lazada.

Lazada is an online partner who has been very helpful to our business and has provided a lot of benefits to us as a brand. Because of Lazada, we’ve become increasingly popular in the online space and all our products are now easily accessible and available to everyone.

It is important to us to uphold positive values among our employees and to establish a harmonious working environment, both internally or externally. We also extend this belief towards our customers, who we refer to as “Family SK”, as tribute for their endless support.

Our goal is to provide comfort and quality workmanship in all our apparel lines, and we’ve achieved this through years of research and development. We put a lot of thought into each piece, which is designed to the finest detail to allow our customers to feel serenity when performing spiritual obligations.

At the end of the day, we don’t want to sacrifice quality just to make people buy our stuff. We want to provide the best to our customers and we firmly believe that they will support us when we do so.   

Watch Siti Khadijah’s full video here.

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