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Is blogging important for your eCommerce business?

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Have you ever considered adding a blog to your online store? The importance of blogging for your eCommerce business can’t really be understated. When blogging first hit the internet, it promoted the ability to interact online in a completely new way, with the comment sections of each blog post becoming a little community for online users.

Blogging inspires individuals to share their thoughts and opinions online, and has also become an invaluable way to promote businesses. Whether your business is small or big, creating and publishing blogs is a trusted marketing strategy as it increases website traffic, promotes products, and establishes trust in your brand. We highlight some of the many benefits of blogging for your eCommerce business here:

Drive traffic to websites

Blog posts attract organic visitors and leads who are searching for specific information or products, generating traffic and leads for your website. Your eCommerce blog will be displayed on search engine results page especially if you use the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Whenever you create and publish a blog post, it is one more opportunity for you to show up on the search engine results page and drive traffic to your website.

Promotes interaction

Customer comments on blog posts directly reveal the needs and desires of your customers. They can also provide insights on how you can improve your products. By giving your shoppers the opportunity to connect with you directly and voice their opinion, blogging can also foster a sense of community. If you want more engagement and insights from your readers, create blogs that are most attractive and useful to them, such as how-to articles, entertaining articles, informative features or even interactive quizzes.

Increase social media content

Publishing blogs in your store also creates content for social media. When you create a new article, you’re creating content that people can share. What’s more? An entertaining, informative, and useful blog post has the potential of going viral. Viral posts can reach an unlimited audience base as it is shared continuously on social media platforms. This translates to more leads and greater probability of conversations. To encourage people to share your blogs, you can use strategies like embedding social media buttons on your blog posts so that your articles can be easily shared across the online world. It efficiently introduces your store to new consumers and keeps your online presence strong.

Establish a good reputation for your brand

Publishing informative, relevant, and well-thought-out content sets you up as an authority in your industry. Create relevant blog posts with targeted keywords to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. For example, if you own an online business that sells Health and Wellness products, writing blog posts related to this field such as health tips or sharing interviews with experts such as nutritionists, will make more people trust and value your business more.

Blogs can teach and help

Useful blogs don’t just provide information or entertainment for people; they also genuinely help people solve their problems. In product blogs for example, you may include how-to guides, reliable reviews, and even instructional videos to match the needs of your consumers. You can still directly or indirectly promote your products and services within these blogs. Aside from these, you can also use your blog to promote discussions, interact with your customers through the comment section, gain new ideas and more.

Long term results

Consistently posting valuable, well-written blog posts can help your website (and eCommerce business) stay relevant for a long time and set you apart from other online shops. You can continue to get traffic for years from a blog post, and online users will always have the opportunity to stumble on and read your old posts that are still relevant to their search. Creating blog posts that are in line with your brand and products, as well as informative, valuable and timeless will establish trust in existing customers and create connections with new customers.

Develop your brand

Your customers are emotional people and they want to get to know your business and your brand. Blogging allows businesses to share company news and stories, and give them a sense of who you are and what you do. It can highlight an event you’ve participated in, introduce a new product, showcase news and articles that could further support your products, or even introduce the people behind the brand. Sharing company news helps your customers to humanize your brand and make it more relatable, rather than being just another anonymous company in the sea of eCommerce.

Although it is not a requirement, having a blog can undoubtedly get you more traffic, leads, a better reputation and a better relationship with your customers.

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