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Lazada’s recent Pixlr workshop help Sellers attract customers and increase sales

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How you present yourself matters. Your online store is the face of your brand and you want it to be as attractive as possible to customers. With this in mind, Lazada University recently held a free Pixlr workshop on visual editing to help new sellers improve their store and product attractiveness.

Having good product images is an essential component of all successful eCommerce businesses. When you can’t physically touch and see a product, your product images are a major determinant of how your customers will perceive the products. Great product images immediately communicate how the product might feel and what it looks like, and can significantly increase sales and conversion rates.

The Pixlr workshop, designed to help sellers create, edit and design better product displays, was held at the Lazada Visitor Center, where the Pixlr team were present to provide hands-on training during the two-hour workshop.

Whether they had zero or advanced designing skills, participants learned to level up their design skills and improve their product display. After all, an attractive product display means more conversions. The informative and hands-on workshop also included a Pixlr-editing demonstration and how each feature works, discussions on what makes a successful eCommerce visual as well as demonstrations with real case designs.

Sellers were also introduced to Lazada’s Everyday Cashback Program during the workshop. On top of that participants also gained access to the latest design trends, sneak peeks at Pixlr’s new releases and many more!

While you can always enlist the help of professionals to come up with good product images, using a free editing tool like Pixlr is immensely helpful to sellers who are just starting out, so they can edit photos and create stunning designs quickly and easily.

The workshop ended with a Q&A where Lazada gave away goodie bags, rewards and also FREE 1-year Pixlr subscriptions worth over RM200 to sellers who participated. It was a fun, informative and successful afternoon – and it is no wonder that the event concluded with overwhelming response from new sellers to join.

Some other tips to creating a good product image:

  • Product focus

Find your product’s unique attribute and really hone in on it. Whether it is its original design, additional functions, or extra color options – make sure to get these innovative features across in your photos. By offering laser focus on your products’ highlights, you are showing your customers that your brand can offer something above and beyond, and setting yourself apart from competitors.

  • Choose a high-quality product image

It goes without saying that high-quality images go a long way in eCommerce. It asserts just how professional your brand is, and it also becomes especially helpful for audiences that browses online products on small screen devices. Make sure the images are always clear, bright, and in focus, without too many distractions.

  • Adjust the brightness

Lighting is one of the key components in determining your product image’s outcome. Don’t be afraid to mix and match in getting that desired shade and use the brightness and contrast tools to make the image pop.

  • Use filters and effects

Pixlr has a variety of filters and effects that can be applied to your images. Experiment with different effects to see what works best for your product and how to make it pop.

  • Add a background

When it comes to eCommerce product images, what works best is usually plain white backgrounds. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with other options and add a colorful or textured background to make it stand out. Use the layers tool in Pixlr to add a new layer and choose a background image or color.

The workshop showed that Pixlr is a great, free tool for basic image editing and can be used by anyone, regardless of skill level. With a little practice, you can quickly edit your images to perfection that showcases your product and attracts customers to your store!

The next Lazada Pixlr workshop is an online workshop, held on the 28th of March. Interested? Check our event page for more information.

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