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Major trends – Future fashion

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What are some trends that will shape the future of fashion? From sustainability to
digitization, we explore some of the most important fashion developments.

Trends in fashion come and go every six months, but some trends can change the future of fashion for good. Consumer demand for digital experiences and sustainability has been two key topics in fashion for quite some time now, driving new trends and creating new growth
opportunities for those in the industry.

Even before the pandemic, textile manufacturers and brands have been experimenting with health-promoting properties of clothing – clothes that add a little something extra in their fabric or structure in an effort to improve wellness. This includes things like textiles that offer sun protection, or integrated nanocapsules that care for the skin and improve regeneration. The pandemic has also focused attention on antiviral properties of textiles as well as draw attention on how much more pleasant it is to be able to dress comfortably. With many people working from home, athleisure, comfortable loungewear and clothing that works for sleeping and living looks set to stay. Even after the pandemic, clothing will likely stay simple with comfort taking fashionable precedence. 

With the abundance of data now available to us, fashion brands are able to utilize data to understand customer preferences, monitor their shopping behavior and create products that meet their needs. The future of fashion is data-driven – by leveraging data on consumer trends, brands can be more informed, proactive and create pieces consumers are most likely to purchase. Many brands are also using data to predict the rise and fall of trends. Predictive analytics consider everything from color preferences to seasons and upcoming trends, helping brands run more efficiently, giving them room to innovate as well as balance supply and demand. 

Sustainability and Second-hand fashion
Fashion has long been one of the biggest contributors to waste and climate change. But the tide is changing, resulting in the second-hand market enjoying a steady growth. These days, it is not enough to position yourself as a sustainable brand just by using organic materials. Consumers are concerned about the carbon footprint of products and achieving climate neutrality. In the near future, more and more brands are considering not just using sustainably produced raw materials, but also those that have been produced in a climate-positive way. With the move towards sustainability, more retailers are also turning to alternative consumption models instead of manufacturing new products, and more consumers are shopping for pre-owned items.

Social shopping
Today, millions of consumers explore social platforms in search of inspiration, trends, support and guidance, analyzing the outfits of influencers on Instagram and TikTok, and sending snaps through Snapchat asking for advice. This is the power of social commerce, and it is set to revolutionize the way we shop. Social shopping offers a sense of community and connection, and affords people the opportunity to participate in the economy whether as consumers, creators, sellers or influencers. This will continue to impact every brand and retailer in a huge way.

Diversity and inclusivity
Many fashion industries have faced increased pressure from consumers to step up their practices and rethink its approach to diversity, equity and inclusion. Major fashion magazines and brands are beginning to take steps to support diversity through their selection of models as well as the talent they showcase, when choosing the models they feature in their publications and campaigns. Fashion retailers should also take steps to support brands owned by people of color so that diversity within ownership and product is helped to flourish. In the years ahead, improving diversity and inclusivity will be less about growing profits and more about sustaining them.

Personalized retail
Consumers now expect retailers to accommodate their preferences, with brands turning to technology to reshape their customer experience. Through body scanning technologies or personal avatars, clothing fit will more closely reflect “real” bodies in the future, following the growing demand for personalized retail experiences. Clothing lines will be increasingly developed for precisely defined target groups and marketed in an equally targeted manner. Leading retailers can also expect online clothing shopping experience where customers can seek styling advice and recommendations through voice features created by brands.

Live shopping events
Live-streamed online sales are now finding more and more followers, preferably among younger generations. Blending entertainment with instant purchasing, live shopping is seen by many as the future of online retailing because it has the character of an event and enables a direct, human encounter between retailer and consumer. Live shopping can help brands and retailers accelerate conversation as well as improve brand appeal and differentiation. 

The future of fashion will focus on customers and providing an innovative experience. From digital retail experiences that make every customer feel valued and included to innovation
that influences the customer journey, the industry is continually evolving. However, there is no doubt that changes in the future will create a more sustainable, customer-centric and efficient fashion industry.

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