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Understanding men’s fashion

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There is a lot of potential to tap into men’s fashion in the online space.

While most fashion retailers seem to bring brands and exclusive offering to woo their women clientele customers, there is a lot of potential out there for menswear brands, especially in eCommerce, to also increase their reach. Fashion tend to be synonymous with women, but more and more men are becoming increasingly interested in fashion and paying attention to how they dress and accessorize.

The way you dress is an outward expression of who you are. It forms the basis of your impression on other people and your perception of yourself. As menswear becomes ever more rich and varied, more experimental and trendy, it pays to have an understanding and to pay attention to men’s fashion if you’re in the fashion business

Despite the fact that trends come and go, the fundamentals of menswear have been largely unchanged. However, the last few seasons have seen a huge wave of sporty looks. Increasingly, the lines between casual and formal attire is also blurring, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic.

The growth-rate of menswear in eCommerce has seen a tremendous increase over the last few years, reflecting a huge opportunity for those trying to grow their online menswear
sales and presence. Here are some considerations if you want to take advantage
of this growing market:

1. Know your men
A strong understanding of your consumer is vital for any successful e-commerce business. Create a persona of your ideal customer and the audience you are targeting. Men’s tailoring has often emphasized things like the natural ‘V’ shape of a man’s body with shoulder pads and cinched waist. Men also tend to be valued for their strength and physical tenacity, resulting in more practical garments like pants, often made of structured durable materials with earthy or neutral colours and more subdued embellishments.

2. The devil is in the details
Well-dressed men know how to pay attention to detail, so if that’s who you are targeting, you will need to pay attention to detail too. Men’s fashion is all about well-tailored clothing and building a wardrobe that transcends the seasons. Details like wrinkle-free fabric and statement-making accessories will help you to distinguish your wares while still remaining practical.

3. Study fashion
While you can find thousands of do’s and don’ts in fashion, knowing where certain styles began will allow your brand to form its own particular style. Even if a certain look has progressed throughout the years, understanding its roots will expand your knowledge of fashion as a whole. Even if you aren’t aiming to create your own fashion house one day, taking a basic course in design can help you better understand what makes a great outfit and how to better cater to your target customers. Learning basic color theory and the elements of design and other tricks of the trades may help you to add value to your fashion business in the long run.

4. Use social media to get personal
Social media is great for connecting and unearthing insights about your target audience. Use platforms like Instagram to see what your customers are wearing and what they’re excited about. Follow tags like #mensfashion to learn what is trendy and see what drives engagement. Apart from research, you can also use social media to nurture relationships with key influencers who can help to promote your brand. 

5. Prioritize Clothing Fit
Clothing that fits well can  keep your customers coming back or turn them away from your brand for good. This is especially important in eCommerce where customers don’t get to try on clothes in person. Make sure to give as accurate a measurement as possible on your website to make it easier for your customers to shop. A perfectly fitting outfit that flatters the body is a win for your shopper and also for your business.

7. Capitalize on visual trends
In eCommerce, the style and format of content is particularly important. Men’s fashion brands need to speak the same language as their consumers when it comes to the specifics of how they present their products with high-quality content that is memorable. For example, some brands prefer to showcase how full outfits, highlighting how items can work together, while others prefer to spotlight individual items. Having an understanding of your target audience will help you to better decide which way to go for your brand.

8. Create a remarkable experience
What might put the male consumer off buying fashion online? Take that into consideration and try your best to offer a solution to the problem your target group experiences. Use surveys, exit page insights sand social media to find out how your existing and potential customers are responding to their online experience in your store. Look into how they access your platforms and build a responsive e-commerce experience for all your visitors.

Menswear eCommerce calls for more than simply offering an appealing menswear product. Understanding the people you are targeting as well as having an understanding of Men’s Fashion is crucial for success in this space, and will help you to give your consumers the online shopping experience that will keep them coming back. 

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