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Want to be a successful Lazada seller? Follow these three steps!

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Starting any business can be a difficult task; and even though times are changing and the internet has made it possible for many people to start their businesses online, it can still be an intimidating process. There is so much information out there, and for some, answering the core questions of ‘How? Who? What? Where? Why? When?’ can be tremendously difficult.

For others who’ve been earning their bread and butter via the traditional route – through brick and mortar, there could be some reluctance transitioning to the digital world as they feel comfortable with where they are and what they know.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that e-commerce is one exciting avenue for success, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, which has offered a different outlook to many existing and potential sellers. Many are now taking the leap towards selling online and even converting their business to be fully digital.

If you happen to be one of those dreaming of jumping on the e-commerce bandwagon, you can start your journey with us here at Lazada. With Lazada, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to get started or what the process entails. We’ve got your back, from setting up a store to its eventual success!

After signing up as a Lazada seller, there are three simple steps you should follow in order to start your journey successfully on Lazada.

#1 The Power of 5 (PO5)!

After you’ve finished filling up your basic store details, it’s time to remember the Power of 5 (PO5). These are your basic guidelines that will help you bag your first order. You need to remember to use Lazada’s Store Builder, Seller Picks, Chat, Lorikeet, and Promotional Tools.

Store Builder helps to enhance your customer experience. Imagine walking into a store and seeing it empty without any furniture or deco. You would very likely walk right out. It is as crucial to have a well-designed online store. Lazada’s Store Builder tool helps sellers to create store pages that are distinctive and stand out with fully customisable layouts. Meanwhile, Seller Picks will help boost traffic to your store while utilising the Chat function helps build customers’ trust and loyalty.

Lorikeet is a tool that enables sellers to describe their products in detail, which can help create higher conversion rates. Last but not least, Promotional Tools help you entice customers with vouchers and free shipping.

You can read more and learn more about the various tools here.

#2 Attend Lazada University

Many have been asking, “Is Lazada University real?” The short answer is, yes. Lazada University was created as a platform where sellers can learn everything they need to know about selling on Lazada! From live stream classes conducted by Lazada Certified Trainers (LCT), Masterclasses where sellers can learn in-depth from an esteemed panel, to learning about running your store and joining campaigns, there is a multitude of information available on Lazada University all with one goal in mind – to help sellers achieve success!

Start learning here.

#3 Join The Lazada Community

Starting a new journey can be overwhelming, but Lazada’s sellers won’t have to walk this challenging road alone. Lazada’s Facebook Community – Lazada University Malaysia – is a family-like community of sellers who not only share their experiences but also tips and tricks on how to sell on Lazada. In this community, sellers can stay up to date on recent news and updates about Lazada operations. Sellers also use the platform to support and encourage each other, discuss challenges or share problems with other sellers who perhaps have the very solution you need. The Lazada Community is designed to make everyone feel welcomed, engaged and supported. Lazada moderators who run the group regularly organises interesting games, contests, or giveaways to engage, reward, motivate and show appreciation to its sellers.

So don’t miss out, and join the fun here.

Interested to be your own boss? Sign up as a seller today.

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Sell With Lazada answers all your e-commerce how’s, go-to, do’s and don’ts. If you’d like to find out more on how to be an effective seller, follow us on the link below.