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Wellness and health supplement trends – How Malaysian business can benefit

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Thanks to COVID, the health supplement industry has exploded in popularity as more individuals adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The pandemic has no doubt put a spotlight on one’s health and wellness, and consequently Malaysians have becoming increasingly health conscious. They are changing their diets, becoming more conscious about what they can actively do on a day-to-day setting, and paying more attention to what they put in their bodies.

Buzzwords like ‘wellbeing’ and ‘self-care’ are taking on increasing prominence, stemming from most people’s belief that prevention is better than cure and that one has to take care of one’s immunity. This has led to a boom in the health supplement industry with no signs of it slowing down – good news for eCommerce merchants who sell health supplements, or budding entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on this trend!

There are many health and wellness products that addresses Malaysians’ desire to prevent diseases rather than cure them. From vitamins and minerals to dietary and herbal supplements (botanicals), consumers are taking supplements to strengthen their body’s immune system, maintain their general well-being or balance the shortfall of nutrients in their diet, amongst other reasons.

With this growing shift towards ‘goodness from within’, there are several ways to take advantage of this growing market. We explore some of the latest trends and how businesses can jump onboard by developing an effective strategy like offering high quality supplements, herbal products, and collaborating with fitness businesses.

Offer high-quality health supplements

With so many supplement products on the market that claim to provide specific health benefits, it is no wonder that there is a greater awareness of consumers wanting to know where their products are coming from and how ingredients are sourced. By only offering and marketing high-quality health supplements backed by scientific research, or perhaps through voluntarily choosing to undergo third-party testing, businesses will create a strong foundation of trust that can help to sell more products and also build a loyal customer base and attract new customers. This also shows your customers your commitment to producing or selling only high quality products that will truly benefit their health.

Weight loss/detox teas

The high prevalence of chronic diseases like diabetes and the high rate of obesity has led to more people drinking healthier and immunity-boosting beverages. Millennials in particular, are shifting to detox drinks rather than carbonated drinks due to the health benefits associated with teas. Today, drinking detox teas has become a popular practice for people who wish to clear their body of toxin, as well as its perceived cosmetic benefits like healthier skin. Some consumers also belief that detox teas or some herbal teas are a good tool for weight loss.

Sport and fitness nutrition

Many young people take sport and exercise as an essential part of their daily life, dedicating more time each week to stay physically active. Along with regular exercise, young consumers are also considering the intake of dietary supplements to maximize their workouts and achieve more significant exercise results. Products like protein powders, meal replacement shakes, nutritional complexes, vitamins for joint health, and etc., are the main products that sport-conscious customers would purchase as growing consciousness for one’s personal image, body building and sports continue to grow.

Herbal health supplements based on cultural beliefs

The use of herbal supplements or medicine is increasing worldwide as an alternative to modern medicine, and in Malaysia, there is a niche for herbal health supplements driven by the cultural backgrounds of the different Malaysian consumers. Chinese consumers for instance, have some knowledge about the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine and would utilize plants like Ginseng to boost immunity and energy levels, while ethnic Malays are often exposed to the abundance of locally grown herbs like kacip fatimah and tongkat ali for healthy aging.

Women specific health issues

Women of different ages have different needs when it comes to health products; but for many women, herbal products and supplements are increasingly used to address specific gender-related issues including concerns like pre-postnatal care, menstrual problems, fertility, and more. Products like prenatal vitamin supplements which fulfil the nutritional requirements of pregnant women with essential nutrients is also expected to grow, while older women tend to look for immunity, health management or anti-aging products such as collagen pills for skin health or biotin supplements to prevent hair loss.

Collaborate with wellness organizations

Businesses such as sport studios or a health and wellness facility such as medical spas, are a great place to market supplements because they can help to provide credibility for your products. Moreover, these businesses already have a following of people who are interested in health, wellness and their byproducts. By collaborating with them, your businesses could potentially reach a whole new group of customers and build greater brand awareness that could lead to future sales opportunities.

In eCommerce, it’s important to be aware of trends in the marketplace so you can capitalize on them. The opportunity is now ripe for supplement brands to innovate and bring their business online to capitalize on this upward trend of shopping online. Adding supplements to your inventory could be a great way to boost sales and grow your business. Check out our video on Lazada Insider here to learn more about the Health and Wellness Growth Wave and how businesses can achieve success in the Health and Wellness Industry!

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