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5 tips to rock fashion SEO this Raya season

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Using SEO strategically this festive season will give you maximum impact as Malaysians rush to do their Raya shopping

Hari Raya is the largest religious celebration in the country, a period where bazaars, open houses, and yes, even online shopping becomes a priority as customers buy everything from Baju Rayas to various delicacies and household items to refurbish their living space. This is a time when Malaysians rush to online marketplaces for the best deals. 

As a seller, you want to be front and center in this sales rush and get more people to find your fashion brand online. When customers find your fashion business website page on Google’s first rank, they feel that your website is trustworthy. SEO plays a key importance for fashion eCommerce and will help your beautifully-designed clothing appear in front of fashion lovers who want to buy your product. 

How you use your fashion SEO keywords will help in the overall optimization of your site this Raya season, and provide your store with maximum impact. Keep reading for our tips on how you can utilize fashion SEO and stay ahead of the game this Raya season as millions flock to spend on looking their best for the festivities.

Tip #1: Keep trends in mind

Content on your site must be fresh and up-to-date when you are doing SEO for your fashion eCommerce store. Current and upcoming trends should be reflected in your fashion SEO strategy. This Raya season, find out what is popular in the modest fashion collection and what customers are searching for, and then try adding Raya-themed keywords such as ‘Muslimah’, ‘Baju Raya’ or ‘Songket’ in your product names. Today’s modern collection comes in a variety of styles and colors, and one way to find what is trending is by using Google Trends to find out what’s popular. Another way is to follow fashion designers, celebrities or influencers and see what they are wearing, to predict what could be trending next. Using long-tail keywords which are more descriptive, such as ‘women’s floral baju kurung modern’ will also be of much greater help to you when it comes to fashion SEO.

Tip #2: Boost engagement with a user-friendly website

Your website structure will impact your fashion SEO and your customer journey. If you don’t have a website that’s user-friendly and easy to navigate, people won’t stay on your website and browse your products. Google recognizes relevant content and ranks them accordingly. You could have categories based on collections, trends and product types without making it look cluttered. This also allows you to target trending fashion SEO keywords and cater for the different ways in which visitors will use the site. When you divide all your products into categories and let every category have its own description along with the fashion keywords, it makes it easier for your customers to find what they need. This is also a signal to Google that your site is relevant and helpful, resulting in more traffic to your page. 

Tip #3: Start a fashion blog to drive traffic

Fashion eCommerce blogs are a great platform to talk about and promote your products. You should create a blog and post relevant content to target potential customers. Blogging helps you drive valuable traffic to your page and boost your SEO ranking in search results. To start blogging, you need to come up with topics or ideas that you want to cover. For example, you can publish all kinds of posts about Raya fashion trends through your blogs that provide your audience with information and inspiration, and in the process use all those fantastic keywords for Raya clothing. You could also center your content around trends and celeb styles, establishing your brand as an authority on fashion for the upcoming Raya season, while including a link or two to one of your products in an occasional post.

Tip #4: Link all the pages of your website

High quality links is one of the most important fashion SEO tips. Search engines have bots called ‘spiders’, or ‘crawlers’ whose job it is to find web pages and make them visible for search engines. They need the pages to be connected or linked to each other with hyperlinks to be able to ‘crawl’ from one page to the next. Pages with a higher number of internal links will be deemed as having a higher degree of value/importance compared to pages with fewer internal links. As a seller, it is also important to link the pages of your website so that your prospective customers and users are able to navigate freely. Creating backlinks from other fashion-related websites to yours is another way of increasing your search engine rankings. Some examples of earning backlinks are from events, getting featured in someone else’s post, or commenting on blogs or through social media sharing.

Tip #5: Connect with your customers 

If you want to sell clothing online, one of the best things you can do is to connect with your prospective and existing customers. Today’s digital world makes it easy for you to reach your audience in many ways, with social media undoubtedly being one of the best places to promote anything related to fashion. You can also interact with your audience through the comment section of your blogs, or encourage them to write reviews and testimonials for your site. Collect as many reviews as you can and put them on your fashion eCommerce site to rank higher on search engines like Google. 

If you want to sell clothing online, tending to your SEO is a must, especially during the festive seasons when customers are flocking online to get the best deals. The opportunity to boost your sales revenue from brands who succeed at SEO is vast and will help you boost traffic to your website and drive more qualified leads for your business.

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