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Lazada’s most searched fashion keywords

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Take a closer look at these popular fashion keywords that will help your fashion eCommerce SEO.  

Fashion has always been the driving force behind the eCommerce industry, and no other industry is as influenced as strongly by trends and seasonality. Conducting keyword research and applying standard SEO practices for fashion eCommerce plays a big part in staying ahead of the game in this ever-changing industry.

Keywords are here, so search engines know the content of a page. But it may sometimes be hard to choose which fashion keywords to use. For your fashion SEO to be effective, the main keywords should be the ones that appeal to your target audience.

There are many ways to come up with keywords. Deriving keywords for your fashion store can come from Google Trends, your internal search function, your product catalogue and many more. There is no doubt that having an SEO strategy in place for your online fashion store is a great method to attract free traffic to a fashion eCommerce site.

Here are a few fashion keywords that will help you while doing fashion eCommerce SEO and to stay ahead of trends.

  • Baggy Jeans

Denim trends have been leaning towards more relaxed fits, and the search volume around ‘baggy jeans’ is gradually increasing. With the aftermath of the pandemic, more and more people are turning to comfort when it comes to how they dress. For now anyway, skinnies are on the way out, as even celebrities have started wearing baggy jeans and styling them in several forms. When it comes to the SEO activities of your fashion blog, the fashion keywords ‘baggy jeans’ might come in handy!

  • Activewear Keywords

In the event that you’re in the fitness apparel business, you’re in luck! Sports and fitness fashion are a fast growing industry, and the activewear category continues to boom in the aftermath of the pandemic for two reasons: more people are leaning towards comfortable, athleisure clothes, as well as prioritizing workouts and exercise for their health. Emphasize on your fitness apparel keywords such as ‘flattering workout clothes’, or ‘comfortable gym clothes’ in your descriptions, if you sell in this category.

  • Bags

Bags are still a popular fashion keyword in 2023, with plenty of subcategories from ‘everyday handbags’, ‘tote bags’ or even ‘Ita bag’, which is a small, trendy bag covered in pins, buttons and accessories topping the search list. Figure out who your audience are, what bags will most appeal to them and target your efforts, and keywords, accordingly.

  • Bra Tops

Bra tops, which were popular in the 70s, are making a comeback! They are a clothing category that sits between a crop top and a bra, and is especially popular in warm countries for obvious reasons! However, try to consider your website’s audience as this trend may not appeal to everyone. Use bra tops as your SEO fashion keyword, if  you think your target shopper segment is interested in this type of clothing.

  • High Rise Pants

Trends tend to circle around, and like bra tops, it looks like the trend of the high rise pants are making a fashion throwback. If you are doing fashion SEO, this is a keyword you should definitely use in your blog posts. Better yet, create a winning look pairing high-waisted pants with bra tops and a blazer to capitalize on current trending keywords.

  • Midi Skirt

Midi skirts come in all sorts of different patterns and fabric, and according to Google Trends, the keyword ‘midi skirt’ is growing in popularity. From leather midi skirts to midi pencil skirts and wrap midi skirts, this item can be dressed up with a billowy blouse or down with an everyday t-shirt, and is quickly becoming a wardrobe essential for many women. This is a must have SEO fashion keyword for your website.

  • Blazers

Blazers are getting bigger and better, and people are pairing it with classic jeans or coordinating trousers for a stylish look. Blazers also appeal to both the male and female audience, and can be worn casual or dressed up. Be specific and use long-form keywords such as ‘linen double-breasted blazer’ or ‘oversized stretch wool blazer’ in your descriptions to get better results.

  • Utility Jackets

Utility jackets are seriously trendy at the moment, and a lightweight jacket comes in handy when you’re on the go. Originally made as a practical cover-up to keep farmhands warm in the early 20th century, they have been reformed into fashionable style pieces and are worn by both men and women today. The perfect transitional piece, utility jackets can be layered over everything from high-waited jeans to sleep dresses.

  • Bling Accessories

Accessories make up a crucial category in fashion. If you are seeking to rank high in searches then it might be wise to write about the popular fashion accessories. Accessories encompasses necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, piercing jewelry – pretty much everything. However, some of the more popular keywords that are currently popular include ‘beads’, ‘charms’, ‘choker’, ‘crystal necklace’ and ‘anxiety rings’.

  • Corsets and Bustiers

Corsets and bustiers have been gaining momentum with the fashion-forward crowd for the last several years. They are an elegant form of lingerie that come in different shapes and materials offering many different styling options. Fashion keywords such as ‘floral bustier’, ‘corset top’, ‘lace bustier’, and even ‘cosplay’, which is the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game is on the rise.

Keeping up with the trends and figuring out the popular keywords at any given moment for  an eCommerce website is a tough but a fun practice. However, keyword research is an important marketing component for all fashion eCommerce stores and it will help you to optimize your product titles and descriptions for more organic traffic.

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