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SPM leavers with zero eCommerce knowledge earns RM28,000 a month!

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alt=A spread of peanut butter jam

The increasing importance of paper qualifications in today’s society has led many to believe that success in life requires a diploma or degree. However, Joseph, 23, and Debbie, 21, the co-founders of Jobbie Nut Butter decided to take an alternative route on their success journey.

While their peers were focused on furthering their studies, Joseph and Debbie took up odd jobs after completing their SPM exams, which exposed them to the realities of the real world at a young age. They faced numerous challenges before their business took off.

Without any culinary expertise, experience, or fancy academic credentials, the duo ventured into the food and beverage industry, specifically homemade peanut butter. With only RM10,000 in cash accumulated from years of odd jobs, they purchased basic equipment, furniture, raw materials, and rented a space.

Although lacking in culinary skills, they compensated with determination, perseverance, and quick lessons from YouTube. This allowed them to develop a standardized procedure for their peanut butter.

Their goal was to offer Malaysians the real taste of peanut butter, free from harmful preservatives and with high nutritional value.

alt=a photo of two different type of Jobbie Nut Butter texture

After a period of six months and receiving constructive criticism, they rebranded their peanut butter from its original name, ‘Walao-Eh!!! Peanut Butter,’ to Jobbie Nut Butter. They started supplying cafes, restaurants, and other retail outlets.

Initially operating from their rented house, Joseph and Debbie handled everything from product development to sales. They relied on a part-timer during weekends. However, their first year was not profitable. They faced financial difficulties to the point of sharing a bowl of pan mee to survive. 

Selling only a few bottles in the beginning, their hard work and dedication paid off as they now sell thousands of bottles monthly.

alt=a man holding a sack of peanut

Despite facing scepticism due to their young age, they persisted and even delivered their products personally, with Joseph once carrying 20kgs of peanut butter on one hand while holding an umbrella in the other as he took public transport on a rainy day.

They faced further adversity when Joseph was involved in a car accident, leaving them with just RM300 in their bank account. Nevertheless, they persevered.

Their journey into the online realm began with Jobbie selling on their own website. They later expanded to Lazada, attracted by its various seller tools. They particularly found success with Sponsored Discovery tools, which increased their sales fivefold after a year on the platform.

Buyers and sellers trust Lazada for its authenticity and quality, making it an ideal platform for Jobbie.

alt=Victor Chin, Jobbie Nut Butter's CEO

Jobbie Nut Butter now has 6 staff members managing its brand. In this interview, Victor Chin, CEO of Jobbie Nut Butter and Michael Woon, Head of Marketing of Jobbie Nut Butter sat in to share their take on how Lazada has helped elevate Jobbie Nut Butter brand positioning in the eCommerce world.

Victor explains, “Platforms like Lazada has a very central role in the eCommerce industry because it allows up-start promising brands to break through the market.”

Joseph and Debbie have since established their own factory and office. From earning RM28,000 annually, they now make RM20,000 to RM30,000 per month by selling 1,000 to 2,000 bottles monthly.

If you are in it for the scrumptious treat, Jobbie is your to go daily staple foods!

alt=the many types of peanut butter

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