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Find out how these ladies started their girl-boss dreams on Lazada!

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alt=healthy cat kibbles, burnt cheese cake

People often overlook or remain oblivious to the human aspect of marketplace transactions, as placing and receiving orders from online marketplaces has become such a routine task that it only requires a few clicks.

Sellers work diligently behind the scenes, engaging with their audience, marketing products, and ensuring prompt delivery, all to cater to your needs and bring desired items right to your doorstep.

Saving our beloved kitty cats from diabetes

alt=healthy cat kibbles

Regrettably, the food packets available at pet stores frequently consist of heavily processed and grain-based ingredients that can lead to obesity and poor health in cats. What are the main symptoms of feline diabetes? Among the side effects are bladder infections, vomiting, and poor coating.

Soulmate is an online store that has gained immense popularity among cat lovers for its exceptional range of baked-healthy cat kibbles. Founded by Ong Yee Ting – an owner of 20 cats; she believes that pets deserve the same high-quality, nutritious food as their human companions.

Yee Ting’s vision started when one of her cats was diagnosed with diabetes and its fur started to shed tremendously due to commercial cat kibbles. It was then, that she saw the need to educate fellow feline owners.

alt=a group of cat enthusiast

Soulmate has curated a collection of natural, GMO-free ingredients to create the perfect blend of kibbles that keep cats healthy and happy. These kibbles are baked and made of premium proteins. It is also advised by a Malaysian nutritionist.

For a quick start with only RM6,000 as her capital, Yee Ting took the courage to start up Soulmate in Lazada – leveraging on the platform’s widest traffic exposure and brand authenticity. Within, 2 months, the famous cat kibbles sold out and the awareness of her cat kibbles grew wide!

Yee Ting never missed joining Lazada campaigns to uplift her store’s exposure. She also leveraged on seller tools such as Lazada Bonus and Seller Vouchers to give her customers the best mega deals! Within two months, the famous cat kibbles sold out and the awareness of her cat kibbles grew.

With each satisfied customer, Soulmate’s mission to offer top-notch cat kibbles continues to thrive, making it a true soulmate for both the pets and their owners alike.
What is so good about Soulmate that makes all the hype?

1. It has 2x more nutrients than ordinary cat kibbles.
2. Reduces stool odour within 2 weeks! (You can smell it for yourself)
3. Builds stronger immunity.
4. Healthy coat and fur (Say bye-bye to dark chin and tear stains!)

alt=a cat posing with cat kibbles products

Unlike humans, cats do not have much of a choice when it comes to picking their food and usually eat whatever is fed to them by us. Cats are divine creatures. Feeding them with healthy kibbles from Soulmate is one of the most important ways you can keep your feline royalty healthy, happy and active.

From corporate to selling croissants

alt=burnt cheese cake

Jaclyn was a corporate trainer before she turned into a full-time baker. She said that the art of baking relaxes her soul. In her previous role as a corporate trainer, Jaclyn was responsible for handling the company’s personnel issues, which often caused her a great deal of stress.

To relieve her stressful hours, Jaclyn will come home to bake sweet treats for her family and friends. Acknowledging that she has a hidden talent that provides her calmness, Jaclyn decided to turn that passion into profit.

When she first started her baking business, Jaclyn recalls the time she has to sacrifice her work lunch hours just to deliver her baked goods. After finishing a nine-to-six job, Jaclyn continues her baking venture till the wee hours of the morning. That exhaustion then turned into motivation when she sees her buyers repeating their orders every month!

alt=homemade cake pop-up store

Her orders began to grow and to improve herself, Jaclyn took the initiatives to take up baking and networking courses. However, there was one networking session in particular that stood out among the rest.

Back at a networking session in 2020, Jaclyn met the owners of Haruka Bakery – Mr. Lee. Inspired by her passion, he offered Jaclyn an opportunity to supply cookies for the confectionary chain. That one step provided her more breakthroughs that opened up collaborations with giant brands such as Panas Grocer, Jaya Grocer and many more!

Wisteria BakeHouse has thrived so far and Jaclyn thanked Lazada for her first sale – a freshly baked mooncake. Now, a full-time baker, Jaclyn needs shipping flexibility and she found it on Lazada.

Jaclyn enjoys the convenience of Lazada’s feature i.e. Delivered By Seller – a feature where seller is responsible for their own shipping arrangements. That is how Wisteria BakeHouse delivers their freshly home-baked cakes on the very same day around Klang Valley.

alt=homebaked cake

“I want a piece of that delicious burnt cheesecake!”

Ordering from Wisteria BakeHouse on Lazada is a breeze. With just a few clicks, you can have a box of heavenly treats delivered straight to your door. The store takes pride in providing prompt and reliable delivery services, ensuring that your cakes and pastries arrive fresh and in perfect condition.

Turn your passion into profit with Lazada!

Want to stand out just like Soulmate and Wisteria Bakehouse? There are so many ways we can help you. Head on to Sell With Lazada to kickstart your e-commerce business. You will gain insights from experts and experience workshops that will guide you along your seller journey.

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