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How to generate leads for your eCommerce website

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If you’re running an online store, chances are you’ll soon discover that lead generation tactics for eCommerce is a crucial part of creating a successful business.

In eCommerce, the main goal is to get potential sales leads to your store. However, capturing the attention of eCommerce customers can be a difficult task.

In this post, we’re going to explore some practical lead generation tactics you can implement immediately in your marketing strategy.

Defining your target audience

In eCommerce, the first thing you need to figure out is who you want to attract as customers. Knowing who buys, or who will buy your products is pivotal.

Asking questions like their location, age, interests, or relationship status, can help you to define and know your audience in order to help you understand your prospects and better cater to their needs.

Have Valuable Content

Provide your customers with valuable content can be a powerful and cost-effective lead generation tactic, helping you to build brand awareness as well as generate and convert more leads for your online store.

Great content which includes things like articles, videos, infographics and guides amplifies the customer’s shopping experience and can attract potential customers.

Social Media

Through advertising on major social media platforms or using influencer marketing, brands can leverage to spread the positive word about their product or reach out to a new or existing customer base. Giveaways on social media are also crowd pleasers.

Targeted deals and discounts

Offer certain deals at various stages of the buyer’s journey, such as a ‘seller vouchers’ when a visitor first arrives on your website or a special discount code as an incentive. You can also point shoppers towards products that are currently on sale, offer free shipping or a free add-on deals such as Flexi Combo deals with their next purchase, compelling customers to return.

Nurture Leads with CEM

Utilizing Customer Engagement Management (CEM) tool is one way to make experience more personal. CEM lets you communicate with your shoppers, provide them with any information, sale updates or feedback they need.

It gives a more personal touch to the online shopping experience, which could be the key to keep your customers coming back.

When in come to eCommerce, getting visitors does not automatically mean generating leads. But with an effective lead generation strategy in place, you will certainly increase the number of customers and generate more leads for your online store in a cost-effective way.

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