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How to improve on your post-purchase experience

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Continuing the conversation with customers after their purchase is an extremely vital step for eCommerce businesses. It is the primary driver for keeping existing customers, in addition to generating more positive testimonials and referrals. If your customer’s experience with your site and after-sales service is positive, the likelihood that they’ll buy from you again is high.

Many retailers, however, largely focus on acquiring new customers and getting the all-so important clicks to make a purchase, and stop paying attention when the customer completes the purchase. This is where post-purchase strategies come into play.

There are many benefits to having a post-purchase marketing strategy, and you can easily win the loyalty of customers who have just converted just by taking some additional steps. So how can retailers can optimize or improve their post-purchase experience? Here are some easy strategies to implement, that could keep your customers coming back:

1. Customer engagement

Keep your customers up to date about the progress of their purchase, encourage them to sign up to your email list, and continue keeping the customer hyped about the purchase they’ve made. Help reduce post-purchase anxiety by ensuring your customer is fully aware of your refund policy and returns process and be sure to offer support where necessary and respond to queries. A more personalized approach will show your customer that you care about their experience.

2. Get customer feedback

A great way to improve customer experience is to get feedback from your customers on the products they’ve purchased. Let the customer know that you value their opinion and that their satisfaction is your priority. This can be done by encouraging them to submit product reviews, surveys or writing testimonials. Not only will it will help improve your product line, these reviews also serve as social proof on your store page, which can inspire other customers to buy from you.

3. Put in a return policy

A return policy that allows buyers to easily return orders should be put in place, if you haven’t already done so. As an online business, the integrity of your product can only be assessed when the order eventually arrives, and having a return policy reassures your customers that the are getting value for their money, and they can always return the product if they feel otherwise. This is the essence of a positive post-purchase experience. A smooth return process will help your business win the valuable trust of customers, even if the product might not have been a right fit for them.

4. Build an online community

When customers love your brand and what you sell, they want to interact with other people who had similar experiences and share their experiences. This is where having an online community comes into play and provides a platform where customers can ask questions, share tips, learn about new and existing products, and discover ways use your products better. You can easily build your online community using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and it is also an effective way for you to connect with your customers, respond to feedback and hear what they have to say about your brand or products!

5. How-to guides or demos

Once your customer has purchased your product, you want to ensure they can enjoy it and are able to use it efficiently. A simple ‘how-to’ guide or instructional demo can facilitate this and prevent a negative customer experience. There are many ways to do this. You could include an infographic in your email, provide a user-manual with your product, embed a video guide or even direct customers to a written guide on your website. Having a simple FAQ section on your website can also address typical queries and clear up any doubts. Adding these details can help a great deal, ensuring your customer makes the most of their purchase and minimizing the likelihood of returns on that product.

7. Recommend other products

Similar product recommendations is one way to encourage your shopper to explore your brand further and purchase complementary items to something they’ve already bought. There may be other items of clothing, for example, to help them complete their look. Or it might be something within the same product range such as a beauty product or skincare regiment. These can be delivered on-site itself, via email or even through your social media platforms. Your recommendations can also include trending products, new arrivals or daily deals! The options are endless and will provide your customer with convenience and inspiration.

8. Rewarding loyalty

One of the best way to build an authentic emotional relationship with customers is using a loyalty program to show your appreciation. Go beyond the thank you and invite your customers to be part of your loyalty program. Email them with an invitation to join and lay out the benefits, be they an exclusive offer, VIP access to sales, or bonus points on purchases. Loyalty programs allow you to build relationships and provide more value to customers on top of their purchase.

As an eCommerce business, you don’t want to focus only on looking for new customers. If you want returning customers that are loyal to your brand instead of one-time shoppers, pay attention to what happens after the customer converts with these simple steps. When you care about customers, even after they have spent their money, they will be more than happy to buy again, and can easily transform into brand advocates who helps to spread the good word about your business and products!

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