Inner Peace Comes from Outer Piece – Siti Khadijah

Siti Khadijah is known by many for its prayerwear, or ‘telekung’ in Malay language, made of comfortable fabric that leaves a lasting impression on many. We believe that every woman deserves a comfortable prayer outfit that fits well, and is of good quality. We also wanted to offer our pieces at a fair price, and have created our prayerwear using feedbacks from customers.

Today, Siti Khadijah has more than 40 boutiques nationwide as well as in Indonesia, with an extensive range of prayerwear essentials. Our team of about 10 people has grown to more than 400 employees since we started in 2009. Since we started Siti Khadijah, we have been researching and developing new materials and innovations to overcome problems Muslims in Malaysia face with their attire for prayer. 

The name Siti Khadijah was inspired by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.’s wife, Saidatina Siti Khadijah. She was very well known as a successful business woman, which we thought was very suitable and in line with our brand, which was founded by my mother, Puan Fadzilah Enda Sulaiman.

I am endlessly grateful to my mother for everything, as she is the one who has helped me become who I am now, and the reason that I am able to live this life now. She’s given me everything, and I still get very emotional when I talk about all she’s done for me and the family. My mother contributes a lot to the family. She was a housewife before she started the business, and she and my dad has provided the best they can to make sure we lived a comfortable life. She is truly the reason for everything that I am today and I have to thank her for it all.

Our tagline ‘Nak, mak teringin’ is a very famous and memorable tagline, to the extent that people even use it as a meme today! We want people to buy our products because of what our brand represents, and to achieve that, we felt that the brand must come with a story with real emotions behind it. ‘Nak, mak teringin’ was that story for us, which also represents the essence of our brand.

As our physical stores and customer base started growing, we decided it was time to strengthen our eCommerce platform. In 2015 we created our own website and in 2017 we found Lazada, which has helped us a lot in growing our eCommerce business until today.

During the start of the MCO and Covid-19, we couldn’t operate, and all our 40 outlets had to close. Ecommerce was the one thing that kept Siti Khadijah alive at the time. During Lazada’s Birthday Campaign, which was also during MCO, we produced a product that was exclusive only to Lazada. It led to a sale of 1,000 pieces of prayerwear in only two days. That was definitely one of our best moments we’ve had since we teamed up with Lazada.

Lazada is an online partner who has been very helpful to our business and has provided a lot of benefits to us as a brand. Because of Lazada, we’ve become increasingly popular in the online space and all our products are now easily accessible and available to everyone.

It is important to us to uphold positive values among our employees and to establish a harmonious working environment, both internally or externally. We also extend this belief towards our customers, who we refer to as “Family SK”, as tribute for their endless support.

Our goal is to provide comfort and quality workmanship in all our apparel lines, and we’ve achieved this through years of research and development. We put a lot of thought into each piece, which is designed to the finest detail to allow our customers to feel serenity when performing spiritual obligations.

At the end of the day, we don’t want to sacrifice quality just to make people buy our stuff. We want to provide the best to our customers and we firmly believe that they will support us when we do so.   

Watch Siti Khadijah’s full video here.

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How to start an eCommerce business without spending any money

Starting an ecommerce business without spending any money can be challenging, but not impossible.

Ever dreamed of running your own business but don’t quite have the capital to make it happen? When starting a business, finding a good idea is just the beginning. The other half is funding it. But having zero or minimal capital doesn’t mean your entrepreneurial journey is over before it even started, especially in the world of eCommerce.

Unlike a brick-and-mortar business, you don’t need a lot of startup capital to start your business online. You just have to be willing to put in the hard work and some creative thinking to be successful.

Here are some tips that can help you get started in pursuing your dreams without having to spend any money.

Sell handmade items

Do you enjoy making handcrafted items? Turn your hobby into a successful business, and earn additional money on the side, by selling your own handmade products. Handmade items such as soaps, jewelry, candles, woodworking projects, and are incredibly popular with a specific audience who appreciate the thought and processes that goes into creating the individual items. If you’re already making these items as a hobby, why not try selling them online?

Use free platforms and resources

You can use free platforms such as social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok) to build your online presence and attract potential clients. Post photos and videos of your products and highlight their benefits. You can also take advantage of free resources such as online tutorials, tools, and templates to help you with your business needs. For example, use Canva or Pixlr to create eye-catching content or designs for your products, and Google Drive to store and share documents.

Create a website or blog

If you have the expertise or a passion for a particular subject, you can build your brand with a blog or website. Free website builders such as Blogger, WordPress or Wix are great tools to create a website or blog for your eCommerce business. Use these platforms to showcase your products, share valuable content such as photos, videos, and links, and engage with potential customers. They key is to post original content that is useful to your target audience and to post on a regular basis. When your customers come to know and trust you, they will naturally click on your advertising or buy the products you recommend.

Leverage free marketing strategies

Social media is one of the best free marketing strategy to promote your business. Reach out to influencers and collaborate with other bloggers or businesses. You can also consider being your own influencer. All it takes is patience, some social media knowledge, and interesting content to share – all of which can be done for free. Start by building your social media presence on a popular platform, such as Instagram or TikTok. When you have enough followers, it will lead to opportunities down the line to make money through selling merchandise, blogging and many more.

Sell digital products

Digital products are something you can create and sell with just an internet connection, making them a superb way to start an online business with no money. When a customer purchases a digital product, it’s delivered instantly, making it a great model for bringing in a passive income. Start by identifying an area you have more knowledge in than the average person. Then, do some research to see what problems people in the space are struggling with and how you can help. The most popular formats tend to be eBooks, guides, templates, expert interviews, online courses, and recorded webinars.

Source for funding

Even if you’re able to launch with limited resources, there may come a point in time where you’ll need funding if you wish to scale. Consider ways to find a source of funding, whether that’s sticking to your day job for a while, borrowing from friends and family, or taking out a small loan or credit card. If you have an innovative business idea, you can consider crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter to raise money from supporters.

Don’t lose heart if you don’t have a huge amount of capital to back up your business from the start. Many entrepreneurs have created wildly successful businesses from scratch – oftentimes with no outside funding, while working a day job. The trick with any successful online business is to make sure you’re in a profitable niche market. A great idea, the willingness to commit yourself for the long haul, and some key marketing strategies will see you further than you think.

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Tempat terbaik untuk mengambil gambar anda secara percuma

Apa yang pembeli lihat sering menjadi faktor penentu sama ada mereka akan kekal di stor anda atau hilang minat sekaligus, jadi penting untuk anda melabur dalam stor dalam talian yang menarik perhatian mereka dan yang membuatkan mereka tertarik.

Anda boleh mengambil gambar produk anda secara percuma jika anda mengambilnya sendiri. Dengan kemajuan teknologi hari ini, anda hanya memerlukan telefon pintar anda untuk mendapatkan gambar produk yang hebat. Pilihan ini adalah pilihan yang bajet dan mesra pengguna, dan juga sangat mudah untuk dibuat. Anda hanya harus memilih tempat yang cantik dan sesuai untuk mempamerkan produk anda. Berikut ialah tips untuk anda mencari tempat-tempat itu.

Latar belakang

Gunakan latar belakang berwarna putih atau kelabu muda di belakang produk anda untuk memberikan gambar anda rupa yang bersih dan konsisten serta untuk mengelak perhatian pelanggan dari beralih. Anda boleh mencipta tirai latar anda sendiri dengan mudah menggunakan kain, kertas bergulung, keratan papan buih, atau dinding. Kesemua ini boleh dibuat di mana-mana sudut rumah anda sendiri, dengan syarat-syarat berikut:

  1. Rumah anda mempunyai pengcahayaan yang baik. Pengcahayaan semulajadi dari tingkap atau balkoni adalah yang terbaik.
  2. Jika pengcahayaan semulajadi tiada di rumah anda, anda masih boleh menggunakan pengcahayaan dari sumber yang lain seperti ring light atau kit pengcahayaan besar yang lain.
  3. Rumah anda mempunyai ruang yang sesuai untuk sebuah meja (untuk tujuan penggambaran supaya produk anda berada di posisi atas, memudahkan anda untuk mengambil gambar dari sudut yang elok).

Tempat-tempat yang terbuka seperti taman dan padang juga mempunyai pencahayaan yang sangat baik dan akan memberikan anda gambar-gambar yang cantik yang dapat mempersembahkan produk anda. Jika anda lebih suka untuk mempamerkan produk anda dalam pengcahayaan yang bukan semulajadi, anda boleh memilih tempat seperti kafe.

Gambar penggunaan dalam dunia sebenar

Gambar penggunaan produk anda dalam dunia sebenar yang dinamik sangat menarik apabila ia menunjukkan kegunaan khusus produk anda atau apabila ia sedang dimodelkan oleh seseorang. Sebagai peniaga fesyen, gambar-gambar produk anda akan mempunyai lebih banyak daya tarikan apabila produk anda dimodelkan oleh seseorang. Walaubagaimanapun, mengiklankan produk anda dengan cara ini bukanlah 100% percuma.

Jika anda menjual baju, tangkap gambar baju tersebut sahaja — hamparkan pada permukaan putih — dan atas patung yang warnanya kontra dengan warna produk anda. Kemudian, ambil juga gambar baju tersebut apabila dipakaikan oleh seseorang. Anda boleh dapatkan gambar ini dari bahagian reviews produk anda. Berikan insentif seperti baucar untuk pembeli dari laman reviews yang dipilih oleh anda untuk memodelkan produk anda. Dengan cara ini, kos yang anda bayar adalah sangat kecil kerana pembeli yang mendapat baucar dari anda akan membeli dari stor anda juga. Secara tidak langsung, anda juga akan menaikkan kesedaran jenama anda.

Jika sekeping gambar nilainya seribu perkataan (dari peribahasa Inggeris ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, gambar produk yang cantik dan menarik bernilai seribu lawatan stor anda. Fotografi produk adalah sangat berharga untuk menjayakan strategi stor e-dagang anda.

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Copyrights in fashion – tips to protect your fashion brand

When you’re in fashion, protecting your brand can involve several strategies to ensure that your intellectual property is safeguarded.

The fashion industry is multifaceted and always changing, resulting in a huge number of new designs each season. If you own a clothing brand, chances are you probably already know how easy it is for designs to get copied and counterfeited quickly. This makes it all the more necessary to copyright your clothing brand and protect your business. 

But how does one go about doing so? Protecting a fashion brand in Malaysia actually involves several steps to ensure that your brand is legally protected. These include trademark registration, copyrights, and monitoring and enforcement of intellectual property rights among others. We delve into them below:

  • Copyright

Copyright can protect your clothing designs, however copyright protection for fashion designs in Malaysia is limited and has to meet certain requirements. To obtain copyright protection, you must register your design/work with the Malaysian Intellectual Property Office (MyIPO). To be eligible for copyright protection, a fashion design must be original, meaning it must be the result of the author’s creative effort and not be copied from an existing design. We recommend that you keep evidence of your creation of design/work such as documenting any clothing designs or ideas on paper, dating the document and writing the name of the designer next to it.

  • Trademarks

 Registering your trademark with the Malaysian Intellectual Property Office (MyIPO) gives you legal ownership of your brand name and logo. Trademarks are not the same as Copyrights. Trademarks cannot protect your actual designs, but they can protect any branding you intend to use. Examples of trademarks are such as symbols, words, or phrases used to identify and distinguish your brand from others. When you register your trademark, it provides legal protection against others from using your trademark for their products or services.

  • Patents

Patents are registered rights that protect inventions. For example, if you have invented a new process, material, or technology related to your fashion brand, you may be able to patent it. In relation to the fashion industry, patents could be relevant if you’re designing clothing with fabrics that have innovative technical properties, such as waterproof fabric. A patent also gives you exclusive rights to use and sell your invention for a certain period of time.

  • Monitor the marketplace

It is essential to your brand to monitor the marketplace for any unauthorized use of your trademark or brand name. One way to do this is through regular searches on online platforms, physical stores, and possibly even social media. If any infringement is detected, you can take legal action against the offender to protect your brand and seek compensation for any damages caused.

  • Use contracts

Protect your brand using contracts and agreements with suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors to establish your ownership of your designs and products, and ensure they understand and respect your intellectual property rights. Include provisions that require them to comply with trademark laws and prevent them from selling counterfeit goods.


  • Educate your customers

Educate your customers about the dangers of counterfeiting and the importance of buying only legitimate products.Tell your story about your hard work, create a strong brand awareness and establish it amongst your audience. Once your customers bond with your brand, they’re more likely to be loyal, and stay away from counterfeit goods. Loyal customers can also be helpful in monitoring the market for unauthorized use of your brand or trademarks!

  • Use anti-counterfeiting technologies

Consider using anti-counterfeiting technologies such as holograms, watermarks, special inks/dyes/labels or serial numbers in your products. These technologies can help deter counterfeiting and make it harder for counterfeiters to replicate your products.

Protecting a fashion brand in Malaysia requires ongoing effort, but it is crucial for maintaining the brand’s value and reputation in the market. While this is not an exhaustive list, by taking these steps, you can help protect your fashion brand in Malaysia and focus on creating your best clothing designs.

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Lazada’s recent Pixlr workshop help Sellers attract customers and increase sales

How you present yourself matters. Your online store is the face of your brand and you want it to be as attractive as possible to customers. With this in mind, Lazada University recently held a free Pixlr workshop on visual editing to help new sellers improve their store and product attractiveness.

Having good product images is an essential component of all successful eCommerce businesses. When you can’t physically touch and see a product, your product images are a major determinant of how your customers will perceive the products. Great product images immediately communicate how the product might feel and what it looks like, and can significantly increase sales and conversion rates.

The Pixlr workshop, designed to help sellers create, edit and design better product displays, was held at the Lazada Visitor Center, where the Pixlr team were present to provide hands-on training during the two-hour workshop.

Whether they had zero or advanced designing skills, participants learned to level up their design skills and improve their product display. After all, an attractive product display means more conversions. The informative and hands-on workshop also included a Pixlr-editing demonstration and how each feature works, discussions on what makes a successful eCommerce visual as well as demonstrations with real case designs.

Sellers were also introduced to Lazada’s Everyday Cashback Program during the workshop. On top of that participants also gained access to the latest design trends, sneak peeks at Pixlr’s new releases and many more!

While you can always enlist the help of professionals to come up with good product images, using a free editing tool like Pixlr is immensely helpful to sellers who are just starting out, so they can edit photos and create stunning designs quickly and easily.

The workshop ended with a Q&A where Lazada gave away goodie bags, rewards and also FREE 1-year Pixlr subscriptions worth over RM200 to sellers who participated. It was a fun, informative and successful afternoon – and it is no wonder that the event concluded with overwhelming response from new sellers to join.

Some other tips to creating a good product image:

  • Product focus

Find your product’s unique attribute and really hone in on it. Whether it is its original design, additional functions, or extra color options – make sure to get these innovative features across in your photos. By offering laser focus on your products’ highlights, you are showing your customers that your brand can offer something above and beyond, and setting yourself apart from competitors.

  • Choose a high-quality product image

It goes without saying that high-quality images go a long way in eCommerce. It asserts just how professional your brand is, and it also becomes especially helpful for audiences that browses online products on small screen devices. Make sure the images are always clear, bright, and in focus, without too many distractions.

  • Adjust the brightness

Lighting is one of the key components in determining your product image’s outcome. Don’t be afraid to mix and match in getting that desired shade and use the brightness and contrast tools to make the image pop.

  • Use filters and effects

Pixlr has a variety of filters and effects that can be applied to your images. Experiment with different effects to see what works best for your product and how to make it pop.

  • Add a background

When it comes to eCommerce product images, what works best is usually plain white backgrounds. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with other options and add a colorful or textured background to make it stand out. Use the layers tool in Pixlr to add a new layer and choose a background image or color.

The workshop showed that Pixlr is a great, free tool for basic image editing and can be used by anyone, regardless of skill level. With a little practice, you can quickly edit your images to perfection that showcases your product and attracts customers to your store!

The next Lazada Pixlr workshop is an online workshop, held on the 28th of March. Interested? Check our event page for more information.

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A Soulmate In Business – Bayu Somerset

Working in a bank five years ago, I loved wearing baju kurung as it fits both purposes of being a formal, yet beautiful workwear. However, I found myself struggling to find trendy baju kurung, especially when it comes to modern patterns, which was also affordable. This was what inspired my partner and I to sell traditional Malay wear and come up with Bayu Somerset.

Modest fashion often brings to mind official Malay uniform worn in a formal setting. However, we treat modest fashion differently in Bayu Somerset. We feel that a baju kurung is meant to be worn by Malaysians as a whole, and we wanted to create a clothing range that is relatable to all ages and wearable for all races in Malaysia.

Even though we are within the modest fashion industry, we try to position ourselves as a brand that practice inclusivity and diversity. We include all races, skin tones and body types in our collection. We also encourage people to dressed fashionably in a modest way and emphasize being comfortable in your daily wear.

My family come from corporate backgrounds, and working in corporate has always been my plan. There were no entrepreneurs in my family, and it was not something that I saw myself doing five years back. I was in fact, very happy working in a bank for 4.5 years, and aimed to climb the corporate ladder for the rest of my career.

Contrastingly, my partner Emir grew up in a household of entrepreneurs. His parents each owned a different business. After high school, Emir and his siblings decided to venture into the clothing business and opened their own store at SACC Mall Shah Alam in 2012. Being exposed to entrepreneurship from a young age has prepared him for running his own business one day.

On hindsight, I have to say that my few years of experience working in a bank also contributed to my confidence and knowledge in running this business. Although being vastly different from the industry I am currently in, my corporate experience has inadvertently prepared me for what I’m doing today, and I am very glad for the path I’ve chosen. 

The brand has grown quickly. From just the two of us running the whole operation, we now have a total of 30 employees in our workforce, which is amazing to us. Fashion brands have always been more minimalist in Malaysia, featuring simple patterns, subtle colors, and plain colored fabrics. When we first introduce our brand to the market, it surprised us that our styles were being accepted by society.

We positioned our brand with lots of fun, quirky patterns in a modest way of dressing, which was quite uncommon in Malaysia in the past. Seeing people dressing comfortably and more confidently in our patterns now, is certainly rewarding and brings us much joy.

One of our key drivers is to ensure our customers enjoy the convenience of shopping with us. This is the primary reason why we joined Lazada. While we believe that every eCommerce platform has its own strength and customer base, we chose to focus our efforts on Lazada, and have seen tremendous growth since. Although we loved our corporate career, entrepreneurship has been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling for us.

We have been very impressed with how fast Bayu Somerset grew as brand, but growth always come with its own challenges. One of the main challenge for us is prioritizing the area to focus and invest our efforts on, so we can bring Bayu Somerset to greater heights. And this often goes back to our cash flow management.

What we love about working together is that it is easy to have a discussion when your business partner is someone you spend almost all your time with! Everything progresses quickly as we are always together. We think similarly, and also make sure our individual responsibilities are crystal clear on each tasks.

Emir’s people and company management skills that he acquired during his corporate days have proven to be a valuable asset to the company. He has better decision making abilities and is very good with numbers and analytics.

His strengths are different than mine, but ultimately I love that our different strengths complement each other, to run this challenging but certainly rewarding business!

Watch the Bayu Somerset’s full video here

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Bagaimanakah anda boleh menggayakan gabungan barangan fesyen anda?

Strategi dan gaya penggabungan produk anda adalah identiti perniagaan anda. Ia perlu relevan dengan trend semasa (dan yang akan datang), dan juga sensitif kepada geografi dan lokasi anda. Gabungan barang fesyen anda juga perlu dimuatkan dalam proses perancangan pengestokan anda supaya anda masih mencapai sasaran kewangan dan inventori anda.

  • Tunjukkan imej dan tujuan stor anda

Memahami khalayak sasaran adalah langkah pertama untuk menentukan imej stor anda. Cari tujuan jenama dan promosikan pakaian yang mampan, pakaian yang selesa, atau yang lebih fokus pada produk mewah. Jika imej kedai anda menyeronokkan, di mana seseorang boleh membeli pakaian jenis funky, jenama anda perlu menekankan tema pakaian funky ini. Tetapi jika stor anda mempunyai imej sebagai sebuah stor yang mempunyai sesuatu untuk semua peringkat umur, anda harus menunjukkan ini juga.

Jika jenama anda tidak mempunyai imej, pelanggan anda mungkin keliru dan akan memilih pesaing yang mempunyai imej yang lebih tepat tentang apa yang mereka tawarkan.

  • Pelajari inventori anda

Peniaga am sering memerhati inventori untuk melihat corak dalam jualan, dan apabila mereka menemui satu corak, mereka mengubah suai produk mereka dengan sewajarnya. Sebagai contoh, jika ramai pelanggan inginkan produk yang sama dalam warna dan gaya yang berbeza, anda mungkin ingin meneroka produk tersebut dengan lebih dalam lagi.

  • Perhatikan tabiat membeli-belah pelanggan

Anda harus memerhatikan tabiat pelanggan anda dalam talian dan di kedai luar talian (jika ada). Ini akan membantu anda dalam mencari corak dalam sesi membeli-belah pelanggan. Cari jenis produk yang pelanggan sering tanya dan minat. Soalan-soalan pelanggan tentang produk anda akan membantu perniagaan fesyen anda untuk merangka strategi penjualan.

Tambahan pula, anda juga boleh memerhatikan kombo produk yang akan dicari oleh pelanggan. Pelanggan yang membeli tali leher yang sepadan setiap kali mereka membeli sehelai baju berkemungkinan besar untuk membeli yang produk yang sama dalam pembelian seterusnya.

  • Fokus kepada trend yang kian berubah

Kadangkala perubahan mendadak dalam trend boleh memberi impak yang besar dalam jualan. Fesyen sopan atau muslimah sedang menjadi popular hari demi hari di Malaysia, dan jika lebih banyak jenama melihat bahawa khalayak sasaran mereka semakin dipengaruhi oleh fesyen sopan, mereka perlu membuat perubahan yang perlu. Anda boleh memperkenalkan pelbagai jenis fabrik mampan (yang juga adalah trend semasa) untuk pakaian sopan.

Pemahaman mendalam tentang pasaran anda dan tabiat membeli-belah pelanggan anda, digabungkan dengan data jualan dan inventori, akan membolehkan anda menghasilkan pelbagai gabungan fesyen yang mendorong trafik dan jualan. Ingat juga bahawa musim harus diambil kira semasa merancang gabungan produk anda. Bergantung pada musim, anda mungkin perlu mengecilkan gabungan produk anda untuk kategori tertentu sambil meluaskan yang lain.

Sebagai contoh, semasa musim panas, gabungan produk anda haruslah relevan dan sesuai untuk musim panas. Jika musim percutian (seperti cuti sekolah dan perayaan besar) tiba, anda perlu mengubah suai pilihan produk anda dengan sewajarnya.

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Seni jahitan tudung

Wanita Muslimah di seluruh dunia menghargai peranan tudung dalam membuatkan mereka merasa diri mereka tidak hanya dinilai dari kecantikan fizikal. Ada yang memakai tudung kerana mereka inginkan perlindungan dari mata-mata yang memandang, dan tudung memberikan mereka keselesaan itu. Ada pula yang memakai tudung hanya untuk mematuhi suruhan agama semata-mata. Berjuta-juta wanita Islam menyarung tudung di kepala mereka dengan kerelaan dan rasa kebebasan dan dengan pilihan sendiri. Apa jua pilihan mereka, tudung yang dijual di pasaran datang dalam pelbagai rupa, bahan, dan gaya, atau mereka boleh membuat tudung mereka sendiri. Menjahit tudung ada seninya; tudung juga boleh disediakan dengan cara DIY.

  • Tudung jenis empat segi

Tudung ini ialah yang paling senang untuk dibuat. Ambil sehelai kain yang lebarnya 45 inci (bidang 45). Ukur kain yang panjangnya 45 inci juga. Potong sekeping kain dengan ukuran ini. Jahit untuk kemaskan bahagian tepi kain dan betulkan mana yang perlu. Anda boleh menambah jumbai manik dan reka bentuk sempadan bermanik atau mana-mana reka bentuk sempadan sulaman pada tudung anda, dan tadaa – sudahpun siap!

  • Tudung jenis segi tiga

Tudung segi tiga pada asasnya ialah tudung empat segi yang dilipat menyerong di bahagian tengah, menjadikannya berbentuk segi tiga. Secara alternatifnya, anda boleh memotong sehelai kain sebagai tiga segi bergantung kepada kelabuhan yang anda inginkan. Anda juga boleh memotong sekeping fabrik empat segi (tudung empat segi sama, bidang 45) secara menyerong di bahagian tengah, terutamanya jika anda menggunakan fabrik yang berat dan anda tidak mahu lapisan berganda. Anda boleh jahitkan manik pada bahagian kecil bucu tiga segi untuk hiasan.

  • Tudung serlom

Untuk membuat tudung ini, ambil sekeping kain empat segi berukuran 42 inci, atau anda boleh mengambil keseluruhan kain yang anda ada. Potong sekeping fabrik empat segi berukuran 42 inci secara menyerong di bahagian tengah seperti di bawah (dari garisan A ke B).

Lipat bahagian segi tiga supaya A bertemu B. Anggap titik tengah sebagai E. Tandakan E- C sebagai 24 inci (kelabuhan bahagian belakang tudung, boleh panjangkan lagi jika mahu). Tanda E-F 11 inci – ini untuk bukaan muka.

Kemudian, tandakan E-D sebagai 22 inci. Tandakan setiap 2 inci di sepanjang garisan C-D dari E 22 inci (hanya apabila anda menghala ke D, tambah panjangnya sedikit kepada 24 inci).

Ini ialah tudung yang sangat mudah untuk dijahit. Hanya satu jahitan sahaja yang diperlukan, iaitu di bahagian tengah di depan bawah pembukaan muka (dari dagu ke bawah). Untuk jahit, selesaikan tepi kain untuk bukaan muka, dan gabungkan kedua-dua bucu di bawah pembukaan muka.

Jenis-jenis tudung di atas adalah antara yang paling popular di Malaysia. Tudung-tudung ini juga sangat mudah dibuat. Bayangkan anda bebas memilih fabrik sendiri dan membuat tudung anda sendiri. Seni jahitan tudung amatlah mudah dipelajari, dan mana tahu, anda mungkin boleh memulakan perniagaan tudung anda sendiri!

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Apakah yang pelanggan anda cari apabila membeli sepasang kasut?

Ada pelbagai sebab mengapa pelanggan anda mahu membeli sepasang kasut, dan menarik perhatian mereka adalah penting dalam perniagaan ini. Anda mungkin mengahabiskan banyak masa menyelidik kemahuan dan keperluan pengguna. Walau apa pun kaedah yang digunakan oleh anda untuk mencapai keseimbangan antara kreativiti dan analisis objektif dalam pembelian kasut, mengetahui faktor utama yang mendorong pembelian ini adalah penting.

  • Jenama

Orang ramai tertarik kepada jenama kasut dan perniagaan yang ada nama, logo, dan slogan yang biasa mereka lihat atau dengar. Oleh itu, membina kesedaran jenama, dan akhirnya kesetiaan jenama yang kukuh, adalah penting untuk menjamin kejayaan anda dalam perniagaan kasut.

  • Kasut yang bagus

Duhh, kan? Reka bentuk yang hebat akan membantu, terutamanya jika ianya unik: contohnya, kasut rekaan artis. Ciri-ciri tambahan yang bagus seperti tapak bercetak 3D atau reka bentuk yang baik untuk meningkatkan prestasi larian adalah antara contoh bagaimana teknologi boleh memberi kesan kepada jualan kasut anda.

  • Maklumat saiz yang tepat

Kaki berbeza dalam saiz, bentuk, dan lebar, dan faktor ini tidak selalu diambil kira oleh penjual. Anda sendiri mungkin pernah memakai kasut yang mencederakan kaki anda semasa anda mula-mula mencubanya dan anda rela memaksa diri anda untuk melalui kesakitan dengan harapan untuk “membiasakan” diri anda dengan kasut baru itu. Ini tidak patut dan boleh menyebabkan kecederaan kekal pada struktur tulang kaki dan juga parut yang berkekalan! Pelanggan anda akan menghargai keselesaan yang mereka dapat dari jenama anda. Perkara-perkara seperti ini juga akan terpapar di bahagian reviews produk anda, satu lagi faktor yang dicari oleh pelanggan ketika membeli sepasang kasut!

  • Trend

Ada dua jenis perniagaan kasut: yang mencipta trend kasut dan yang mengikut trend. Panggilan ‘pengikut trend’ mungkin berbunyi negatif – tetapi sebenarnya tidak. Ada keuntungan yang boleh dibuat untuk kedua-dua inovator dan syarikat yang meninjau trend pasaran dan mencipta produk yang sesuai mengikut acuan trend tersebut. Menarik, kan? Ada banyak peluang untuk mengukir kedudukan anda dalam pasaran ini dan anda tidak sepatutnya merasa anda perlu untuk menjadi inovatif sahaja. Anda boleh fikir untuk menawarkan teknologi kasut sneakers yang baik atau sekadar menawarkan pelbagai idea gaya popular pada musim-musim tertentu. Mungkin itu yang pelanggan mahu.

  • Kualiti

Kualiti tinggi datang dengan ketahanan yang tinggi, bermakna kasut akan bertahan lebih lama. Setiap aspek kasut yang anda jual akan disemak oleh pelanggan untuk menentukan kualiti. Ini termasuk bahan yang digunakan untuk membuat kasut.

  • Jualan dan promosi

Anda tentu ingat berapa kali anda membeli sesuatu yang anda tidak perlukan atau mahukan hanya kerana kasut tersebut ‘on sale’? Sukar untuk menafikan fakta ini; promosi meningkatkan jualan. Anda juga tidak harus selalu bergantung kepada diskaun. Ganjaran seperti pembungkusan hadiah percuma atau hadiah kecil untuk hari jadi sudah mencukupi.

Untuk menjadi penjual kasut yang berjaya, anda harus memahami faktor yang mendorong pembelian kasut dan bagaimana anda boleh menggunakan maklumat ini untuk memaksimakan jualan anda.

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Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold. What’s next?

While classic gold pieces aren’t going anywhere, here are the up and coming jewelry trends to set our sights on for 2023.

For most fashionistas, jewelry is often what makes and completes an outfit. A well-chosen piece of jewelry have the power to transform a casual outfit into a stylish work of art. However, like most of the fashion world, jewelry trends are often changing, and can be influenced by a variety of factors, including cultural and social influences and celebrity or influencer fashion choices.

In recent years, jewelry trends that have gained popularity include delicate and minimalist jewelry, unique statement pieces from artisanal jewelers, mixing and matching metals and styles, and the use of sustainable and ethically sourced materials.

In particular, the shift toward using jewelry as a personal self-expression has been a long time coming, with increasing demand for standout pieces that reflect shoppers’ personalities and interests. However, classic silver and gold pieces remain consistent in its popularity, not just as a fashion item but also a symbol of wealth. Here are some other trends to look out for in the world of jewelry.

Enamored by enamel: Jewelry brand are embracing enameling, with enamel’s bright, eye-catching color trend finding a new and improved variation in jewelry this year. Fashion insiders are loving this decorative coating technique, with items like ear cuffs and hoops being dressed up in enamel, while it also adds a bright, playful touch to rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Statement silver: After years of gold tones reigning the jewelry scene, with rose gold briefly stealing the show, it is now silver’s turn to strut down the fashion runways. Chunky silver necklaces, earrings and bangles are having a comeback, and mixing of metals is also highly encouraged. Because it is so affordable and versatile, silver jewelry can be made into a wide range of designs and styles, and is often used for everyday wear.

It’s a pearl world: Pearls have been reigning on the jewelry scene for quite some time, as it is such a classic look. Whether worn in necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, this season’s trending pearls comes with a modern and contemporary edge. Thinly beaded pearl necklaces for instance, are the perfect addition for today’s layering trend. Whether you’re stacking multiple strands of the same beads, mixing and matching, or just letting a singular strand speak for itself, classic and elegant pearls are here to stay.

Still a girl’s best friend: Everyone’s favorite gemstone, diamonds are a classic and timeless gemstone that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and can be set in a variety of metals. New generations of conflict-free and environmentally kinder lab-grown diamonds are also becoming increasingly popular as eco-conscious consumers are more open to the stones now, and brands are becoming more creative about what it is possible to do in a lab.

Precious platinum: Due to its luxurious and durable nature, platinum is a metal that is often used in engagement rings and wedding bands. More expensive than gold and silver, its rarity and durability makes it a still highly sought after jewelry. Many consumers see platinum as synonymous with love and diamonds, which makes it a piece of emotional significance. Jewelers are also seeing a growing trend of men buying platinum chains and bracelets.

Bold cuffs: Cuff Jewelry worn at the wrist or higher up on the arm are a favorite style for 2023. Oversized or dainty and slim, cuff bracelets, also sometimes known as bicep bracelets, arm cuffs, armlets, or armbands, are proving themselves to be the easiest way to elevate any look. The silhouette is often just a thick, arched curve but it will make the wearer stand out on any occasion. Cuff jewelry are also usually adjustable which means it can be worn in multiple ways.

Colored gemstone: Modern customers want something that’s different and personal, and here are where colored gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds, and rubies shine. They can be used in a variety of settings and styles, and can be paired with other stones or metals for a unique and personalized look. Colored gemstones are also in demand to add a fun spark to outfits after the gloom of the pandemic.

Personalized jewelry:  In 2023, we may see more designers and brands offering customized options as personalized jewelry becomes more popular. From monogrammed necklaces to birthstone rings and engraved bracelets, personalized jewelry is a meaningful and sentimental way for shoppers to express their personality and style.

The good news for jewelry stores is that jewelry trends tend to stick around longer than those of other fashion items. Overall, there is a growing need for fun and functional styles that can be worn daily, as well as bright and modern pieces that shows off one’s personality.

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